Ukrainian National Murder Guard

Mass graves of civilians are found in the territories of Donbass that were controlled by Ukrainian security forces until recently.

On September 23, near the village of Communar, 60 kilometers from Donetsk, in the territory of the mine number 22 militiamen found a mass grave of civilians. According to preliminary data, they have exhumed the bodies of four people from one grave (including three women) and five from another. Representatives of the militia accused the Ukrainian National Guard for the murder of civilians – according to them, the Ukrainians were only knocked out of this settlement a few days ago. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, there are “very serious indications” that at the time of the murder the area was controlled by the National Guard “which clearly indicates the potential perpetrators and organizers of these crimes.”

At the headquarters of the “anti-terrorist operation” Ukrainian security officials and representatives of the National Guard deny involvement in the crimes and, as usual, argue that information was circulated to discredit the Ukrainian military. The words of Kiev authorities can be confirmed or refuted, at least theoretically. The representatives of the OSCE were at the scene at the time, so it will not work to pretend that this fact is not known to the international community.

Forensic examination shall establish the time and cause of death, after which there will be only one more step to compare these data with the data on whose forces occupied the area at the time of the murder. But in practice we see no investigations of terrible events in Ukraine, starting with the execution of people during protests in Kiev by unidentified snipers and ending with the collapse of the Malaysian “Boeing”. None of the crime investigations were brought to an end, the perpetrators have not been established and are not punished.

Russian human rights activists have called for an independent international investigation into the crimes. Commissioner for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, the special envoy, Konstantin Dolgov, from the Russian Foreign Ministry has promised to “draw the attention of relevant international organizations, both intergovernmental and human rights, to this information about the mass… -->

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Ukraine: center of Donetsk bombed

Donetsk is one of the main industrial centers in ex-Ukraine with the metropolitan area population of over 2 million people. The Ukrainian army started bombarding the center of the city with heavy artillery and phosphorous bombs, causing extensive destruction and producing first victims amongst the civilians in the center of a densely populated area.


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Kiev is preparing a chemical disaster for Ukraine

Kiev prepares a chemical disaster and the Ukrainian army has delivered in Kramatorsk ballistic missiles.

Minister of Defense of People’s Republic of Donetsk made ​​an official statement that his intelligence reports that Ukrainian troops are preparing a major provocation. The outcome of the provocation can be a chemical disaster in the south-east of Ukraine. The purpose is to cause shock to the whole world, under the influence of which blame the terrorist attack on the militia and push for official international recognition of the Donetsk republic as a “terrorist organization.”

What exactly is conceived by Kiev? It turns out they plan to launch ballistic missiles against the storage of poisonous chlorine in the territory of Donbass.

“According to my information, for three nights in a a row military transport planes were bringing rocket launchers to Kramatorsk. Now they are being serviced and prepared for launch”, – said Strelkov, – “Their targets are the sewage treatment plants in Donetsk and Lugansk. One contains 120 tons of chlorine, the other – 160 tons. A reserve target is the “Styrene” chemical factory with storage of ammonia. Depending on the wind the chlorine vapors can reach out to cover Donetsk and Volnovakha and every living thing in that area will be killed. The number of victims may well be in the tens of thousands.

According to Strelkov, before launching the missiles, Kiev is going to hold a propaganda campaign to convince the world that the militia is preparing “terrorist attacks” on chemical plants.

“If I had not seen with my own eyes what the Ukrainian military is doing, I would consider this information nonsense”, – said the minister of defense of Donetsk Republic, – “The idea is so monstrous that it’s hard to believe for those who had not seen Ukrainian troops firing phosphate ammunition on sleeping towns.”… -->

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United Nations calls for investigation of war crimes in Ukraine

The new report on the situation in Ukraine from the United Nations Commission for Human Rights was released on the 28 July. The report covers the period from 8 June to 15 July and documents how armed groups continue to abduct, detain, torture and execute people kept as hostages in order to intimidate and “to exercise their power over the population in raw and brutal ways.”

The High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay has commented on the issuance of the report highlighting the downing of the Malaysian Airlines plane not covered by this report but requiring a “prompt, thorough, effective, independent and impartial investigation.”

In general, the report indicates that the situation in Ukraine deteriorates quickly. “The reports of increasingly intense fighting in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions are extremely alarming,” – Ms. Pillay said. “Already increasing numbers of people are being killed with serious damage to civilian infrastructure, which – depending on circumstances – could amount to violations of international humanitarian law. The fighting must stop.”

“I would like to stress to all those involved in the conflict, including foreign fighters, that every effort will be made to ensure that anyone committing serious violations of international law, including war crimes, will be brought to justice, no matter who they are,” – Navi Pillay said. “I urge all sides to bring to an end the rule of the gun and restore respect for the rule of law and human rights.”


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Human Rights Watch confirms use of unconventional weapons by Ukrainian Army

Officials in Kiev and the press office of the Ukrainian National Guard deny use of “Grad” multiple rocket launcher systems and other unconventional weapons in the war in Donetsk and Luhansk, but the results of field research by Human Rights Watch provide a different picture of Ukrainian government forces’ attacks between 12 and 21 July.

The above map was provided by Human Rights Watch, which conducted field research in Donetsk. It should be noted that HRW, with headquarters in the United States, has never been seen to show any loyalty to Russia or Novorossia at all.

Four artillery attacks, documented by Human Rights Watch took place in close proximity to the front lines of government forces and militias. Craters in the ground and damage to buildings, inspected by Human Rights Watch, have characteristic features of rockets, different from the effects of conventional artillery. In all four cases, the angle and shape of craters, as well as damage to the walls of the buildings convincingly point out that the fire was from the government army or pro-government forces side.

The proximity of damage to the front line also makes unlikely, in some cases eliminates altogether, the possibility of shelling by militias. In two cases, both rockets hit areas that included both residential areas and locations of strongholds or roadblocks of militias, which further indicates the attacks by government forces.

July 21: three civilians were killed when missiles hit a residential area near the railway station in Donetsk. Because of the ongoing attack, Human Rights Watch was unable to confirm the victims, but during the whole day they heard sound characteristic of “Grad” volleys.

July 19: at least five rockets exploded in residential areas in the Kuibyshev region in the western part of Donetsk – at least four civilians were wounded.

July 12: Human Rights Watch documented numerous rockets hit residential areas in Petrovsky district on the western outskirts of Donetsk – killed at least seven civilians.

July 12: as a result of multiple hits by rockets on residential areas in the suburban village of Marinka, adjacent to the Petrovsky district, at least six civilians killed.

Human Rights Watch was able to identify the ammunition used as a 122-mm unguided rocket systems “Grad”, a volley can contain up to 40 rockets.… -->

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Ukraine: more civil causalties of artillery assaults

The Ukrainian Army has subjected the town of Gorlovka to a merciless attack by artillery fire today. The local authorities report that at least 30 civilians were killed.

Some messages from the civilians in the war zone:

“My relatives just called. We could talk a little, then the shooting started again. My mother’s colleague tried to extinguish his house, but he was immediately shot down by a sniper.”

“Lots of houses on fire, I do not know how many for sure but a lot. The cannon fire continues. Army, are you gone nuts? We just calmed down.”

“Mom just called. Something exploded in the area near the entrance – glass, railings and pieces of roof sheathing flew around… Across the street the school is on fire.”


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Terror in Ukraine, senseless and merciless

The city center of Snezhnoe in Donetsk region became a target of a powerful air missile strike. According to preliminary information, missiles killed four to ten people.

Four missiles were shot on Snezhnoe in the Donetsk People’s Republic by Ukrainian Air Force at 6:30 am. Information about the victims varies. Currently, their number is estimated between four and ten people. The number of dead could rise as the rubble is cleared and the demolished area is searched for bodies.

One missile hit the tax office that was empty at that early hour. There is almost nothing left of the building. Three other missiles hit residential homes. In one of the apartment houses on Lenin Street two blocks with staircase wells collapsed.

“At the moment we know about four victims. All are pensioners aged 65 to 70”,  – reported the police, – “Second entrance of the apartment building is completely gone. All people there were trapped by the debris of a collapsed house. There may still be more people under the rubble.”

The head of the information center “South-eastern front” Konstantin Knyrik reported, citing eyewitnesses, that the death toll among the civilian population is about ten people, plus many wounded. According to Igor, an eyewitness, the air-strike was performed by a single Su-25 jet fighter, firing several missiles at houses in the Lenin street.

According to the commandant of Snezhnoe, Gorbik Eugene, there may still be a man and a child trapped under the rubble of a collapsed porch. Residents are in an utter shock. Gorbik noted that the civilians have nowhere to run in case of repeated attacks. According to him, part of the militia took up positions in the Snezhnoe after leaving Slavyansk. Therefore, according to Gorbik, this terror of the city is “a revenge of Ukrainian executioners” for their losses.


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Ukraine continues artillery fire on Russia: first victims

One Russian citizen was killed, other two injured as a result of falling bombs in residential areas in the city of Donetsk, Rostov region of Russia. This is the first fatalities in Russia as a result of armed conflict in Ukraine. Until now only the Russian border checkpoints came under fire from the Ukrainian side.

On July 10 Russian Foreign Ministry expressed strong protest to Kiev in connection with a yet another bombardment of Russian border crossing points, noting that in the case of a repeat offense all the responsibility will fall on the Kiev authorities.

“The actions of the Ukrainian side is a flagrant violation of the fundamental principles of international law. The Russian side offers a strong protest to the Ukrainian side and demands to stop attacks on Russian territory. In case of further repetition of similar cases all the responsibility for the consequences will fall on the Kiev authorities, “- said the statement.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin promised tough and specific response to the death of the Russians in the Rostov region as a result of a bomb explosion, released from the territory of Ukraine.

“We’re very concerned with what happened, and these facts indicate a dangerous escalation of tensions on the border, this is a qualitatively higher level of danger for our citizens living on the territory of the Russian Federation. Therefore our demarches shall be harsh, concrete, but the decisions will be taken after we clarify the circumstances of what happened, “- he said.

Authorities of the Rostov region confirmed to ITAR-TASS that the Ukrainian projectiles hit two houses in Russia and the death of one of the Russian people. “At approximately 9:20 the fire came from the territory of the Ukraine towards the city of Donetsk (Rostov region). Two houses on the Baltic Street were destroyed. One Russian citizen born in 1967 was killed, “- said Titov. At the same time, two Russians were wounded according to a source from the local health center.

“The guy was in the yard of his house, the projectile shot off his hand. He died, “- said the source. Two other women were injured. One of them was in her home in front, and the other was just coming back from work. The last one was hit in the leg with a fragment of a shell, he added.

Donetsk – city of regional subordination in the Rostov… -->

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