Ukraine: center of Donetsk bombed

Donetsk is one of the main industrial centers in ex-Ukraine with the metropolitan area population of over 2 million people. The Ukrainian army started bombarding the center of the city with heavy artillery and phosphorous bombs, causing extensive destruction and producing first victims amongst the civilians in the center of a densely populated area.


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Human Rights Watch confirms use of unconventional weapons by Ukrainian Army

Officials in Kiev and the press office of the Ukrainian National Guard deny use of “Grad” multiple rocket launcher systems and other unconventional weapons in the war in Donetsk and Luhansk, but the results of field research by Human Rights Watch provide a different picture of Ukrainian government forces’ attacks between 12 and 21 July.

The above map was provided by Human Rights Watch, which conducted field research in Donetsk. It should be noted that HRW, with headquarters in the United States, has never been seen to show any loyalty to Russia or Novorossia at all.

Four artillery attacks, documented by Human Rights Watch took place in close proximity to the front lines of government forces and militias. Craters in the ground and damage to buildings, inspected by Human Rights Watch, have characteristic features of rockets, different from the effects of conventional artillery. In all four cases, the angle and shape of craters, as well as damage to the walls of the buildings convincingly point out that the fire was from the government army or pro-government forces side.

The proximity of damage to the front line also makes unlikely, in some cases eliminates altogether, the possibility of shelling by militias. In two cases, both rockets hit areas that included both residential areas and locations of strongholds or roadblocks of militias, which further indicates the attacks by government forces.

July 21: three civilians were killed when missiles hit a residential area near the railway station in Donetsk. Because of the ongoing attack, Human Rights Watch was unable to confirm the victims, but during the whole day they heard sound characteristic of “Grad” volleys.

July 19: at least five rockets exploded in residential areas in the Kuibyshev region in the western part of Donetsk – at least four civilians were wounded.

July 12: Human Rights Watch documented numerous rockets hit residential areas in Petrovsky district on the western outskirts of Donetsk – killed at least seven civilians.

July 12: as a result of multiple hits by rockets on residential areas in the suburban village of Marinka, adjacent to the Petrovsky district, at least six civilians killed.

Human Rights Watch was able to identify the ammunition used as a 122-mm unguided rocket systems “Grad”, a volley can contain up to 40 rockets.… -->

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Ukraine: more civil causalties of artillery assaults

The Ukrainian Army has subjected the town of Gorlovka to a merciless attack by artillery fire today. The local authorities report that at least 30 civilians were killed.

Some messages from the civilians in the war zone:

“My relatives just called. We could talk a little, then the shooting started again. My mother’s colleague tried to extinguish his house, but he was immediately shot down by a sniper.”

“Lots of houses on fire, I do not know how many for sure but a lot. The cannon fire continues. Army, are you gone nuts? We just calmed down.”

“Mom just called. Something exploded in the area near the entrance – glass, railings and pieces of roof sheathing flew around… Across the street the school is on fire.”


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The casualties in Ukraine: reality check

The Ukrainian government often reports losses in numbers different from those reported by the Donetsk and Luhansk Republics. Now we may have a hint of who we can believe.

“Losses. Here’s a document which refers to the amount of losses, signed by Gritsak and Avakov… The score is in thousands,” – writes Ravreba. – “At the same time Avakov signed up to the fact that the enemy suffered much smaller losses. How the number of 48 killed militiamen could be reconciled with daily reports of thousands of “killed terrorists” by Tymchuk is unclear. ”

The document states that the Ukrainian troops lost 1,600 people killed and 4,723 wounded from 9 to 15 July. Also, 35 tanks, 7 planes and two helicopters were lost.

According to the document, the militia lost 48 people killed and two tanks in the same period…

The Speaker for the Information Center of Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Andriy Lysenko announced on 15 July that for the entire period of the military operation in eastern Ukraine the casualties amounted to 258 killed, 922 wounded and 45 taken prisoner. Oops.


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Ukrainian National Guard run for medical help to Russia

Fifteen injured Ukrainian soldiers were taken to hospitals in Gukovo, Rostov area in Russia. Vasilii Malaev, the head of the press service of the border department of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the Rostov region, told ITAR-TASS news agency today.

“Today at 16.00 Moscow time a group of Ukrainian State Border Servicemen approached under a white flag from the crossing point “Chervonopartyzansk” to the Russian state border and brought wounded soldiers in urgent need of medical treatment. There were 15 wounded people. They are all delivered to  health facilities of Gukovo where they promptly received the necessary medical care, “- said Malaev.

In turn, the source in the Russian Border Service reported that the wounded soldiers were not border guards but National Guard of Ukraine.

“With the transfer of the wounded and the plea for help the Ukrainian border guards said they brought to us their colleagues. However, it turned out to be different. Those soldiers are not employed by the Border Services of Ukraine but belong to the Ukrainian National Guard,”- said the source.

He added that the Russian side, nevertheless, agreed to take the wounded without delay and made ​​every effort to provide emergency medical care, based on principles of humanism.

It all seems like a fantasy story except that it is all true. Those soldiers kill their own people under the banner of fighting against Putin and Russia, but run to Russia for help and medical service when wounded.… -->

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Terror in Ukraine, senseless and merciless

The city center of Snezhnoe in Donetsk region became a target of a powerful air missile strike. According to preliminary information, missiles killed four to ten people.

Four missiles were shot on Snezhnoe in the Donetsk People’s Republic by Ukrainian Air Force at 6:30 am. Information about the victims varies. Currently, their number is estimated between four and ten people. The number of dead could rise as the rubble is cleared and the demolished area is searched for bodies.

One missile hit the tax office that was empty at that early hour. There is almost nothing left of the building. Three other missiles hit residential homes. In one of the apartment houses on Lenin Street two blocks with staircase wells collapsed.

“At the moment we know about four victims. All are pensioners aged 65 to 70”,  – reported the police, – “Second entrance of the apartment building is completely gone. All people there were trapped by the debris of a collapsed house. There may still be more people under the rubble.”

The head of the information center “South-eastern front” Konstantin Knyrik reported, citing eyewitnesses, that the death toll among the civilian population is about ten people, plus many wounded. According to Igor, an eyewitness, the air-strike was performed by a single Su-25 jet fighter, firing several missiles at houses in the Lenin street.

According to the commandant of Snezhnoe, Gorbik Eugene, there may still be a man and a child trapped under the rubble of a collapsed porch. Residents are in an utter shock. Gorbik noted that the civilians have nowhere to run in case of repeated attacks. According to him, part of the militia took up positions in the Snezhnoe after leaving Slavyansk. Therefore, according to Gorbik, this terror of the city is “a revenge of Ukrainian executioners” for their losses.


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Paranoid commanders cause murders in Ukraine

“Terrorists” mourning their used-to-be house.

Volunteer Battalion “Donbass” soldier Oleg Dub spoke of a recent “sweeping” of Nikolaevka (near Slavyansk). He posted his message to Facebook. According to Dub, an unarmed man was shot right in front of his eyes.

“Those pitiful commanders scared and unnerved the soldiers before the operation … they gave information that Nikolaevka is empty, there are no peaceful citizens anymore! That there are only ‘separatists’! They told us we must perform a vigilant ‘sweep’ and throw grenades into all the dark places, and shoot at anything suspicious! “- wrote Dub. According to him, he warned the company commander that such information may cause a chaotic shooting and killing of innocents.

Since the very beginning of the ‘sweep’ operation the participant fighters fell into a paranoid state and began to shoot at anything that moves. “Only my people kept weapons at safety and did not take out the grenades. From all the others grenades flew in all holes … Suddenly, a man came out from his house only a hundred meters from these pseudo-fighters! Without weapons! In sweatpants and a T-shirt! And these maniacs shot him, “- he said in his post.

According to Dub, his people ran to the wounded man to help him, but the man was already dead. Soldier also argues that by the time described (he does not specify the date) “separatists” in Nikolaevka were all gone.

Later, on July 7, the battalion commander Simon Sementchenko, dissatisfied with the revelations of Oleg Dub, cursed him and called a “spy.” Then he allegedly detained Dub. Two days later, he was taken to Artemovsk, where he was kept locked up.

The battalion commander of “Donbass” Semen Sementchenko commented on the scandal. In answer to the questions posed by readers on his page in Facebook (he was asked to comment on the “situation with Oleg Dub, which is cluttered with gossip and can demoralize many”), he replied: “He is in the military prosecutor’s office. In wartime, these actions are unacceptable. I will not tolerate any religious strife in the battalion.” Sementchenko also named Dub’s stories “nonsense”.

Fierce fighting for Nikolayevka conducted… -->

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Five Ukrainian generals attract attention by … becoming millionaires

Here is an unexpected twist on the story of American masters and Ukrainian generals. Actual owners of Kiev, American “experts” are investigating a new paradoxical fact: during the civil war codenamed “anti-terrorist operation” in southeastern Ukraine five Ukrainian generals became dollar millionaires!

Although the U.S. military budget is also distributed between private pockets just like anywhere else in the world, the fact remains that the generals’ brazen theft somehow angered the Americans. Did they get up on a wrong foot or what? Or are they indignant that the generals have not shared?

Interesting are the sources of rapid enrichment of the generals. They are not only selling stolen army property. Following the example set by the more advanced countries the generals started dealing drugs delivered, according to sources in the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, by the U.S. military from Afghanistan to Ukraine to “stimulate the National Guard”. Also, they used a fairly classic source of income – “dead souls”. Fatalities of the army are not removed from the cash allowance register and money is directed into the pockets of the Kiev military commanders.… -->

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