Kiev is not ready for negotiations with Donetsk

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, commenting on the results of the meeting on the war situation in the Donetsk area, held in Berlin, Germany, said that Ukraine will only go for a truce if the country completely regains border control and the Novorossia army releases all captured soldiers.

“For me the effective border control was an absolute priority to ensure that OSCE observers are able to exercise fully monitoring and verification, of course, and that we make real progress on the hostages. These issues are key in promoting the bilateral ceasefire,” – announced Klimkin.

Ukrainian authorities, according to the minister, identified “red lines” in their negotiations. “These lines are quite simple and can be summarized as follows: firstly, Ukraine is and should be a united, democratic and European state, and secondly, Ukraine has to go through the integration with European Union,” – RIA Novosti quotes Klimkin.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister also said that on Saturday, August 23, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit Kiev. Klimkin expressed hope that the visit would be a manifestation of support by Merkel and Germany of the war in Ukraine.

The Prime Minister of Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) Alexander Zaharchenko told the RIA Novosti news agency on Tuesday, August 19, that Novorossia is ready for talks with the Ukrainian authorities, but does not intend to comply with the ultimatum terms of Kiev.

“We are waiting for offers, but only reasonable offers – we do not lay down our arms and do not ensure the closure of borders. This will never happen and they must stop dreaming of it,”- said Zakharchenko, noting that negotiations can only take place “on an equal footing.”

“Everyone needs to recognize the now established state (DNR). I understand that for them it might be physically impossible or some moral qualities will not allow them to recognize the facts though,”- the Prime Minister said, adding that the authorities of the Donetsk Republic are against the war.


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Russian humanitarian aid convoy reaches Ukraine

The Russian humanitarian assistance convoy of 280 trucks loaded with food, medicine and first aid arrived at the Ukrainian border and started the border customs inspection and clearance procedures at the checkpoint “Donetsk”. The Ukrainian officials report that “59 specialists will verify the cargo on the Ukrainian side. 41 of them – representatives of the State Border Service of Ukraine and 18 are customs officers. By prior arrangement, the goods will proceed to Lugansk.”

In parallel, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry officially disclaimed all responsibility for the security of humanitarian convoy. “Russian Federation will carry all responsibility for ensuring there are no provocations from the terrorists who have operational control over the parts of territory of Lugansk region.”

The point is that after going through Russian customs, the convoy will proceed to the territory of Lugansk Republic controlled by militia. In fact, this is the first official supply corridor for humanitarian aid to the areas devastated by war.… -->

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Ukrainian soldiers give up the fight and flee to Russia

Several dozen Ukrainian troops left their military units and crossed into Russia. The border militia helped them to cross over, reports ITAR-TASS.

“Yesterday around 20:30, 41 Ukrainian soldier left their military units and arrived at the Ukrainian checkpoint Izvarino. They appealed to the militia to assist them in the crossing to the territory of Russia because they do not want to fight against their own people,” – said the head of the press service of the border service of Russia in Rostov region Vasily Malaev.

As the border servicemen told RIA Novosti, the soldiers thanked the militia on the border for their help, the parties shook hands and hugged goodbyes. According to Malaev, the Ukrainian soldiers have crossed into Russia through the Russian checkpoint “Donetsk”.

This is not the first time Ukrainian soldiers leave their line of duty. The report of the commander of the Ukrainian unit V0849 Colonel Grishchenko said that on July 16 149 soldiers and officers of the Ukrainian Army 3rd mechanized battalion, tank battalion and company snipers deserted their military positions in the region of Donetsk Amvrosiivka and handed over their weapons.

Another document dated 23 July indicates that at one of the checkpoints 32 Ukrainian Army soldiers dressed in civilian clothes, left the place of service and fled in an unknown direction.… -->

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Ukraine continues artillery fire on Russia: first victims

One Russian citizen was killed, other two injured as a result of falling bombs in residential areas in the city of Donetsk, Rostov region of Russia. This is the first fatalities in Russia as a result of armed conflict in Ukraine. Until now only the Russian border checkpoints came under fire from the Ukrainian side.

On July 10 Russian Foreign Ministry expressed strong protest to Kiev in connection with a yet another bombardment of Russian border crossing points, noting that in the case of a repeat offense all the responsibility will fall on the Kiev authorities.

“The actions of the Ukrainian side is a flagrant violation of the fundamental principles of international law. The Russian side offers a strong protest to the Ukrainian side and demands to stop attacks on Russian territory. In case of further repetition of similar cases all the responsibility for the consequences will fall on the Kiev authorities, “- said the statement.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin promised tough and specific response to the death of the Russians in the Rostov region as a result of a bomb explosion, released from the territory of Ukraine.

“We’re very concerned with what happened, and these facts indicate a dangerous escalation of tensions on the border, this is a qualitatively higher level of danger for our citizens living on the territory of the Russian Federation. Therefore our demarches shall be harsh, concrete, but the decisions will be taken after we clarify the circumstances of what happened, “- he said.

Authorities of the Rostov region confirmed to ITAR-TASS that the Ukrainian projectiles hit two houses in Russia and the death of one of the Russian people. “At approximately 9:20 the fire came from the territory of the Ukraine towards the city of Donetsk (Rostov region). Two houses on the Baltic Street were destroyed. One Russian citizen born in 1967 was killed, “- said Titov. At the same time, two Russians were wounded according to a source from the local health center.

“The guy was in the yard of his house, the projectile shot off his hand. He died, “- said the source. Two other women were injured. One of them was in her home in front, and the other was just coming back from work. The last one was hit in the leg with a fragment of a shell, he added.

Donetsk – city of regional subordination in the Rostov… -->

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15 Ukrainian border guards asked for asylum in Russia

15 Ukrainian border guards from those who had taken refuge on the night of June 22 in the Russian territory decided to stay in Russia. This information was shared with RIA Novosti by a law enforcement source in Rostov region of Russia.

The border guards explain their decision by the fear of repressions from the fighters of the “right sector” (Ukraine’s Radical Party).

On the morning of June 21 it was reported that six wounded Russian border guards gave Ukraine.

The Ukrainian-Russian border was crossed by more than 80 Ukrainian guards on the night of June 21 who had taken refuge in the territory of the neighboring state from the clashes with militias.… -->

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