Humanitarian aid for Ukraine from Russia

No, the convoy with the humanitarian aid from Russia to Ukraine did not disappear. It is driving now on the “Don” highway in the direction of Rostov, leaving Boguchary. BBC also reports that the convoy continued on its way, although it has been split into two parts now.

The situation is reported to be desperate in the city of Luhansk, where for more than a week civilians have been short of water, food and electricity. The International Red Cross (ICRC) continues negotiations with Russia and Ukraine about the border crossing and exact destinations of the goods.… -->

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Humanitarian aid to Ukraine: lost in translation

Russia has long been insisting on the provision of humanitarian assistance to the Eastern Ukraine, Donetsk and Luhansk Republics. Recently, an agreement on the delivery of humanitarian aid under the auspices of the International Red Cross has been achieved in spite of resistance from the authorities of Ukraine and the United States. The Red Cross has published the following statement:

In response to the latest initiative of the authorities of the Russian Federation to hand over humanitarian assistance to the ICRC in order to help people and areas affected by conflict in eastern Ukraine, the ICRC is ready to facilitate such an operation with the involvement, endorsement, and support of all sides concerned.

Today the ICRC met with the Ukrainian and the Russian authorities and shared a document which specifies the manner in which such an operation could take place. This includes the agreement by all sides that the ICRC will be allowed to deliver the aid with due respect for its fundamental working principles of neutrality, impartiality and independence.

Translated into the language of the Ukrainian government, according to a statement published on the website of the President of Ukraine, the same statement sounds like this:

A telephone conversation of President Poroshenko with the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Peter Maurer, has occurred today.

Peter Maurer said that he appreciated the President of Ukraine’s initiative for an international mission of humanitarian assistance. He assured that the International Committee of the Red Cross is ready to provide all possible assistance to this mission.

Lost in translation, is it?..

In the meantime the convoy carrying humanitarian aid left from Moscow suburb Narofominsk on Tuesday, August 12, and went in the direction of the south-western border of Russia, RIA Novosti reported.

“The convoy will deliver the inhabitants of eastern Ukraine about two thousand tons of humanitarian aid collected by residents of the Moscow region”, – told reporters the administration of the Moscow region.

Humanitarian aid, sent by Moscow and Moscow region, will be delivered by 280 trucks “KAMAZ”. Among the goods sent is food, including 400 tons of cereals, 100 tons of sugar, 62 tons of baby food, 54 tons of medical equipment and medicines, 12,000… -->

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UN asks Russia to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and his deputy Mr. Jan Eliasson said that all the international organizations of the UN agree to cooperate with Russia in the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the East of Ukraine.

“They say that all the international bodies that are subordinate to them are ready to be involved in the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the East of Ukraine. They understand that humanitarian assistance is needed, and are willing to cooperate with us in its delivery,” – said Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin.

Earlier US ambassador Samantha Power at the meeting of the UN Security Council on Friday said that Washington would take “any unilateral intervention of Russia in the Ukrainian territory – even under the guise of humanitarian aid – as a sign of direct invasion.”

On August 6 at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council convened at the initiative of Russia, Churkin said that the humanitarian situation in the south-east of Ukraine is catastrophic “by any human standards.” In this regard, he offered to send to Donetsk and Lugansk humanitarian aid under the auspices of the Red Cross.

The International Committee of the Red Cross supported the proposal of the Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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Ukrainian National Guard run for medical help to Russia

Fifteen injured Ukrainian soldiers were taken to hospitals in Gukovo, Rostov area in Russia. Vasilii Malaev, the head of the press service of the border department of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the Rostov region, told ITAR-TASS news agency today.

“Today at 16.00 Moscow time a group of Ukrainian State Border Servicemen approached under a white flag from the crossing point “Chervonopartyzansk” to the Russian state border and brought wounded soldiers in urgent need of medical treatment. There were 15 wounded people. They are all delivered to  health facilities of Gukovo where they promptly received the necessary medical care, “- said Malaev.

In turn, the source in the Russian Border Service reported that the wounded soldiers were not border guards but National Guard of Ukraine.

“With the transfer of the wounded and the plea for help the Ukrainian border guards said they brought to us their colleagues. However, it turned out to be different. Those soldiers are not employed by the Border Services of Ukraine but belong to the Ukrainian National Guard,”- said the source.

He added that the Russian side, nevertheless, agreed to take the wounded without delay and made ​​every effort to provide emergency medical care, based on principles of humanism.

It all seems like a fantasy story except that it is all true. Those soldiers kill their own people under the banner of fighting against Putin and Russia, but run to Russia for help and medical service when wounded.… -->

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