Ukraine: center of Donetsk bombed

Donetsk is one of the main industrial centers in ex-Ukraine with the metropolitan area population of over 2 million people. The Ukrainian army started bombarding the center of the city with heavy artillery and phosphorous bombs, causing extensive destruction and producing first victims amongst the civilians in the center of a densely populated area.


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U.S. approves artillery use on civilians in Ukraine

Ukrainian army may use artillery in towns in the south-east of the country during the fights with the militia. This is the opinion of the U.S. authorities, according to RIA Novosti, expressed by the State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf. According to her, “Ukrainians are responsible for defending its citizens and the country… Weapons mentioned in such reports – regular artillery from the former Soviet army. We certainly can not say to Ukrainians not to use conventional weapons, “- said Harf.

I hope they will come around to looking at reports of non-conventional weapon use against civilians some time too. I am curious what U.S. will have to say then. In the meantime…

The news from Avdeevka, a 37,000 inhabitants town, confirm that the Ukrainian Army was apparently inspired and encouraged by the outspoken support of U.S. authorities. Local residents report widespread destruction today: the artillery shelling destroyed many houses, damaged the railway crossing between parts of the town, one of the domes of the Cathedral of Mary Magdalene was hit, a shot from a tank destroyed a shop and a garage.

The city has almost no electricity, some areas are already three or four days without water. Cellular communication is intermittent. Large grocery stores do not work, food and water can only be purchased in small retail outlets. Many locals prefer to leave the city. Because of the dangerous situation on the roads and lack of transport they have to walk on foot.


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Ukraine: more civil causalties of artillery assaults

The Ukrainian Army has subjected the town of Gorlovka to a merciless attack by artillery fire today. The local authorities report that at least 30 civilians were killed.

Some messages from the civilians in the war zone:

“My relatives just called. We could talk a little, then the shooting started again. My mother’s colleague tried to extinguish his house, but he was immediately shot down by a sniper.”

“Lots of houses on fire, I do not know how many for sure but a lot. The cannon fire continues. Army, are you gone nuts? We just calmed down.”

“Mom just called. Something exploded in the area near the entrance – glass, railings and pieces of roof sheathing flew around… Across the street the school is on fire.”


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Russian investigators attacked from Ukraine

The Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) stated that its employees, located west of the hamlet Primiussky in Rostov region, were attacked from the territory of Ukraine. The event has been reported by the spokesman of ICR Vladimir Markin.

“There is no doubt that the gunmen from Ukraine opened the fire intending to kill members of the Russian law enforcement bodies”, – he said.

“Apparently, only the bad training of Ukrainian military and timely evacuation of our investigators under the protection of armored vehicles did not allow the gunmen to realize their intent,” – said Markin. According to him, the investigation group area received 47 mortar shots of supposedly 82 millimeter caliber.

“Later on the same sector was shelled with 32 more shots of mortar from Ukrainian side,” – said the representative of the ICR, adding that an underaged resident of the farm received a minor concussion during that artillery attack.

The head of the press service of the border guards in the Rostov region of Russia Vasily Malaev said that approximately 45 Ukrainian mortar shells landed on the territory of the farm there. As the result – damaged homes and power lines, about 50 local residents were evacuated, said Malaev to ITAR-TASS.

Primiussky was already shelled once on July 22. Then three mortar rounds burst on its outskirts, but no one was hurt.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on July 24 that in June-July the territory of Russia was subjected to fire from Ukraine nine times. On July 13, as a result of mortar hitting a house in the city of Donetsk in Rostov region, one Russian citizen was killed and two injured.… -->

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Ukraine is convicted of illegal phosphorus bombs use

Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the Ukrainian army has used phosphorus bombs in the shelling of residential areas of cities and towns in the east. “Interfax” reports the words of the representative of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Major-General Victor Poznihir.

According to him, today there is definitive evidence that the Ukrainian military “is using phosphorus munitions”, this assertion “is based on the characteristic features.” As an example Poznihir referred to the shelling of Sloviansk June 12, Semyonovka shelling on June 29, shelling of Lysychansk on July 7 and the airstrike on Donetsk by Ukrainian Air Force on July 23.

“Phosphate supplies have a peculiar signature of application – high speed fall, unlike lighting ammunition, scattering brightly burning elements over a large area, resembling a shower of sparks, emergence of large-scale fires in areas of falling and high combustion temperature, “- said the General.

The Russian side also urged Ukraine to discontinue their use of prohibited weapons. “We appeal to international organizations: there is no need to conceal the facts,” – said Poznihir.

Earlier, Russia’s Investigative Committee said that Ukrainian troops used phosphorus munitions during attacks on civilian targets. The use of such weapons is banned by Geneva Convention.… -->

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Ukrainian army opens fire on Malaysian air experts

The escort accompanying Malaysian experts to the site of the crash of the Malaysian flight MH17 in Ukraine reports:

“Ukrainians tried to hit Malaysian specialists with artillery fire. Since I speak English, our commanders sent me to accompany Malays at the crash site in the evening. The Ukrainian Army were made ​​aware of the trip. Despite that, they began to shoot down the road from the air ahead of us as we were approaching Harzizsk, blowed up at least one civilian car. Malaysian experts are horrified, we are back to Donetsk now. Please, make this public.”

Experts agree that the access to the site is crucial for the success of the investigation. The Donetsk Republic is providing full assistance, a cease-fire and English speaking escorts to the visiting experts.

At the same time, Ukraine sabotages the efforts. What do they have to hide?… -->

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Poland enters the war in Ukraine

Powerful artillery, staff buses and trucks to be sent to the Donbass region have arrived to the sea port of Odessa in Ukraine.

Yesterday at the port of Odessa in an atmosphere of high secrecy,  twelve 152 mm self-propelled autoloading guns “Dana” of Czech production, the standard artillery of the Polish Armed Forces, as well as staff buses and trucks, were unloaded. After unloading this artillery battalion (presumably from the Mazury First Artillery Brigade), fully stocked with Polish soldiers, followed its course to the railway station Razdelnaya for loading on railway platforms.

Military experts familiar with the situation suggest that this is the “unpleasant surprise for the militia” that Poroshenko was blabbering about.

Information confirmed by sources from the port of Odessa, railwaymen of the Razdelnaya, the officers from Rybalov (Majdanek), as well as through reputable private channels. The information appears to be absolutely correct. And the question of compensation for Polish partners for their active assistance in the Ukrainian civil war has been already agreed.

Thus, the Ukrainian government has signed for complete inability to cope with the situation on their own own and a NATO member country’s intervention in a civil conflict in Ukraine from a mere probability became a fact. This completely changes the situation and makes probable everything that yesterday seemed impossible…

With this entry of the regular army of a foreign country, a member of NATO, into the civil war in Ukraine the military and political situation has changed radically. Russian Federation and its allies finally have their hands untied for an adequate response.… -->

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Ukrainian army – total genocide in Donbass

The locals may refer to the village Luganskaya Stanica as “village Bloody” now. Ukrainian army and militarized forces started a total wipeout of all civilians in Donbass. National Guard says president Poroshenko gave the command to kill everyone.

The latest fact – army has opened heavy fire on two buses, who left last night from Kramatorsk to bring fugitives to Vladimir. They could not even reach the Russian–Ukrainian border. The attack occurred 20 km from the Russian border. Miraculously, the refugees survived but were forced to return to Krasnodon. However, the fate of these people is no longer known as Krasnodon has been overrun by Ukrainian tanks. 

The response of the Ukrainian government has become incredibly cruel, like the bombing of Kondrashovka and Stanica Luganskaya villages. There were no strategic targets of Lugansk Republic, no military equipment or roadblocks there. Only conventional rural streets, homes, civilians.

Massive air strikes were performed directly on these quiet streets. “Airplanes began bombing on Wednesday night. Early in the morning they blew the gas line – then attacks continued until around 11 am”, – tells the mayor of the village Luganskaya Galina Grigorieva, – “The plane that dropped the bombs flew right over my head: people began to fall to the ground. Then a bomb hit the police station and the roof was blown off the building. Two houses that stood close were completely demolished. That is when the first man was killed and three were badly injured. After that the most terrible part began – the planes attacked the railway stop Old Kondrashevskaya. Half a dozen houses were wiped out at once in the Ostrovsky street. Everything burned, people were screaming. The whole street was literally wiped off the face of the earth. Ten people died on that site: five died immediately, the other died in the hospital,”- continues Galina Grigorieva.

“A 5–year-old boy was killed together with his father  – his feet were blown off, the tragedy occurred in front of the mother. A grandfather from 1926, a veteran of the World War II, was killed. The last man whom we picked up, we could not gather him – we take him up and the lower part of the body is not there at all. We gathered people in parts – legs, feet, hands … … -->

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