Rumours from Langley: Ukrainian CIA agents mass “suicide”

Aerial_view_of_the_Central_Intelligence_Agency_headquarters,_Langley,_Virginia_16449vThere were rumours from the CIA in Langley that several Ukrainian operatives have committed suicide. First, there were three deaths, then – two more, bringing the count of CIA agents suddenly committing suicide to five. They all worked for the department dealing with Ukraine.

It appears that, demanding to stop the war in Ukraine in the negotiations with the US, Western politicians used carelessly the argument that the rebels of the South-East of Ukraine are not terrorists, but citizens who are fighting against the infringement of their legitimate civil rights. Such things are never mentioned publicly, but in private talks the Europeans decided to show that the Americans could not fool them.

In response, the overseas “partners” developed a series of operations, whose mission is to show Europe the “true face” of the brutal pro-Russian separatists. The plan included the bombings of children and medical facilities in central and western Ukraine, away from the area of military operations. A task was set to seek to maximize the number of casualties.

Saboteur mercenaries from American PMCs were entrusted with the execution in the field, while the Ukrainian department of the CIA should provide logistics and cover.

The head of the military section of Ukrainian CIA thought the plan was too risky, and he shared his thoughts with his superior, from whom he received the answer: “Execute. You can not imagine what is at stake.”

That answer did not satisfy the subordinate. In the Ukrainian section, except the military, there are several sections: political and so on. The worried senior official, in violation of all rules, shared his concerns with peers officers – the heads of the other two sections, and together they decided to take action to prevent the implementation of the controversial order, even if they would have to appeal to the US Senate.

And these three were the first “suicides”, but it turned out that the leak has already occurred. Two more had to be eliminated.

In the middle of the day staff were ordered to go home, but almost all of the staff of Ukrainian department, about 25 people, fearing for their lives, gathered in the lobby. They called on passing by colleagues not to believe, should they allegedly commit suicide in the near future.


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