Ukrainian troops losses: over 23,000 people

ukr_zustrich_desant_aeroport_ato14141514Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky reports: “My friends and I got the data from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the real losses of Ukrainian troops – thanks to honest and noble officers that do not support the criminal government. Poroshenko struggles to hide the real losses from the people. Because zombie population of Ukraine would experience quite a shock on hearing the real numbers and real “victories” of the army.”

“When it comes to Ukrainian losses, pro-American puppets are either shamefully silent or lie blatantly. The real information about the situation at the front, which is fed to Poroshenko, fell into the hands of Vladimir Rogov. According to the data, as of August 15, the losses in the ranks of the punitive operation forces are: 23,498 killed and wounded, 158 taken prisoners, 8972 missing and deserted. The junta suffers colossal losses in recent days. But these terrible for mothers of Ukrainian soldiers figures remain hidden from publicity.”

One thought on “Ukrainian troops losses: over 23,000 people

  1. blame POROSHENKO he sent your son/s daughters in to this pointless conlflict

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