Alexander Bilecki: Ukrainian peace is a common task

ukr_bomb_shelter_20140820Kiev can not conquer Donbass and Donbass does not want to overthrow the Kiev regime. Donbass still naively wants just peace for itself, if not like in Crimea, then at least like in Transdniestria. But, “for itself” will not work. The knot is tied very tight, and the knot is in Kiev.

Kiev regime is actually worse than a bitter radish and more destructive than a nuclear bomb for Ukraine. It’s all kept up and running on the idea of ​​a virtual war with Russia, which in fact not only did not recognize the rights of Nazi and oligarchs to seize power, but also dared to protect and help the terrorized population of Ukraine. First, by ensuring the right to live to the inhabitants of the Crimea, and then by helping refugees and the defenders of the eastern regions of Ukraine. This assistance, including saving the lives of Ukrainian Army soldiers and the refugees, is the only argument of the Kiev thieves’ regime for war against its own population.

More than six months have passed since a wave of popular anger at the greed of the oligarchs allowed the most brazen, violent and bloody of them to seize the power and government. During this time, there was not a single law, ordinance, or decree published, which would improve poor and powerless situation of the population on the territory of Ukraine. Not even the German occupiers behaved that defiantly in 1941, who at least announced tax cuts, free enterprise, open kindergartens, theaters, and “helped” to restore the activity of the Church.

Unlike German Nazi, Kiev’s pro-American regime destroys and forbids everything. Any criticism is outlawed under heavy media control, all online forums are controlled by secret services to identify the slightest dissatisfaction, for which people are subjected to repression. Cities are demolished, their inhabitants are killed by bombs, industrial and agricultural enterprises are destroyed. New taxes are introduced, wages are cut, benefits are eliminated. The country faces hunger, cold and fear.

This is exactly what Donbass wanted to protect itself from but their error was in their own self-interest. It is not possible to hope that cutting a heart out of a body affected by gangrene one can save it.

Donbass can be saved only together with the whole of Ukraine, whose people are now all suffering from heartless and irresponsible American lackeys in the power. America does not need a strong, prosperous Ukraine. America needs a war with Russia until the very last Ukrainian. And if Ukraine perishes in this insane war, America will be only too happy.

The sooner both the resistance in the Donbas and the forcibly mobilized Ukrainian Army become aware that they have a common enemy, and that enemy is in Kiev, the sooner there will be peace in Ukraine. Because both are killed and deprived not only of the property, but of the right to life, by the very same criminals and oppressors of Ukraine in Kiev.


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