Ukrainian Nazi send ultimatum to Kiev

The Ukrianian nationalists of “Right Sector” threatens to march militants to war on Kiev if President Poroshenko does not purge the ranks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from “anti-Ukrainian elements.”

“As of today, along with the open aggression from Russia, the internal counterrevolution is intensified. Its vanguard are revanchist forces in the Interior Ministry, including at the highest levels. This bandit police group and internal separatist movement is headed by Moscow’s henchman and protege General Evdokimov. It is him and his henchmen who are doing everything possible to destroy the achievements of our Revolution, and to pave the way for separatist and terrorist groups in Kiev, “- said the ultra-right in a statement.

The “Right Sector” believe that the example of “violent anti-Ukrainian activities” of Evdokimov are “constant attempts to destroy the Ukrainian volunteer movement “Right Sector”, which was the vanguard of the Revolution and now became the basis for the war of national liberation.”

According to the organization, “from the destruction of our brother Alexander Muzychko and to recent developments in Striy, Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv and other cities, this is a methodical game into the hands of the separatists and Moscow occupiers from the police side. Handing Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk to our enemy, changing to the enemy side in thousands, and at the same time getting a salary from the state, the police rats fight with Ukrainian combatants throughout Ukraine.”

Kolomoyskiy-Azov“In this regard, we appeal to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to immediately restore order to the Interior Ministry, dismissing odious representatives of anti-Ukrainian forces from positions in the Ministry of the Interior, and to launch an investigation of their criminal activities,” – said the statement.

“We also demand the release of all detainees, closure of all criminal proceedings against the Ukrainian fighters from the Volunteer Corps of “Right Sector” and other volunteer units and the return of all weapons and vehicles illegally seized from us by police to the war zone”, – added to the organization.

“In case of failure of our demands within 48 hours we will be forced to remove all of our units from the front lines, to declare a general mobilization of reserve battalions and start a march to Kiev for the purpose of making a “rapid reform” in the Interior Ministry. The columns of “Right Sector” will march in full military gear,” – said radicals.


Interesting to note perhaps is the opinion of analysts that the point of this announcement is not a “lack of patriotism” in the Ministry of Internal Affairs leadership. The point here is that the war between Ukrainian oligarchs Kolomoiskiy and Poroshenko passed an incubation phase and now begins in earnest. Poroshenko is preparing to take Odessa from Kolomoyskiy. Of course, Kolomoyskiy can not afford to lose this strategic city. Therefore, he takes an effort to be proactive and makes a preemptive strike.

If Poroshenko takes up the conflict now, the front against the Donbass collapses. Not because of the forces that Kolomoyskiy controls as such but because those forces serve as “barrier troops” to prevent the main military forces from running. Without them, a large part of the army will not want to fight. Especially when this conflict between the oligarchs shows so clearly that the whole civil war is between the oligarchs for the control of the country. On the other hand, following Kolomoyskiy and becoming his “friend” will mean a subservient position in the future. Both ways are bad…

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