Ukrainian propaganda confused

media_indoctrinationWe are already used to the fact that Ukrainian propaganda lies through their teeth and makes outrageous claims every day. Until now though they somehow managed to avoid publishing mutually exclusive information simultaneously. Now, obviously being under time pressure, the media broadcasts:

  1. Militia fighters realize that they have nowhere to go and flee to the Crimea, announced the TV channel “112 Ukraine” with the words of the press officer of the military operation Leonid Matyuhin. “The terrorists continue fleeing to the Crimea. All with blood on their hands realize that they have nowhere to go. They constantly run to the Crimea”, – said Matyuhin (source).
  2. Militants increase the concentration of power in the area of Snezhnoe, Thorez and Shahtersk. This was was presented on the TV channel “112 Ukraine” by the same head of the press center of the military operation Leonid Matyuhin. “Intelligence has shown a significant increase in the numbers of militants in settlements Snezhnoe, Thorez and Shahtersk,” – he said (source).

Both of these messages were broadcast by the same TV channel and told by the very same person.

I am wondering whether Mr. Matyuhin could finally make up his mind: are the militants fleeing to the Crimea or increasing in numbers? Maybe here is an idea: they are increasing in numbers and concentrating all in one place to flee subsequently to Crimea, how about that?

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