The Supreme Ruler Putin surprised…

Putin arrived to Crimea peninsula on August 13 for a meeting with members of Russia’s security council. Today, on August 14, the President meets with the deputies.

Putin-surprisedNot to be outdone today, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine managed to surprise Putin. The Ministry plans to initiate criminal proceedings against the president of Russia. In general, it is not quite clear why the Ministry of Interior Affairs gets into international affairs or how they plan to proceed. Do you think they want him for illegal border crossing or something? Well, then, they should simply send a customs officer with a couple of border guards to arrest him. And if they can not – perhaps they better leave dealing with Putin to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Back in Crimea, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR) leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky offered to Russian President Vladimir Putin a new position – The Supreme Ruler. According to ITAR-TASS, Zhirinovsky already has put forward a number of similar initiatives, for example, to change the current Russian flag to the imperial flag (black-yellow-white) and replace the national anthem with “God Save the Tsar.”

The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party also proposed a number of militaristic ideas that all came down to frightening some other countries with the military potential of Russia. MP also admitted that it was rather too hot in Crimea and he felt much better in the North: in Arkhangelsk or Vorkuta (places for politically repressed of the past).

The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party suggested thinking about the new position in the government – the Minister of Propaganda: “We need another Foreign Minister. And we need a Minister of Propaganda.”

The ideas of Vladimir Zhirinovsky were met with a good-hearted laughter.

After his speech, Putin decided to make it clear he did not share these initiatives. “Everything that has been said by Vladimir Zhirinovsky is his personal opinion, and it does not always coincide with the official position of the Russian Federation, but the performance he puts up is beautiful,” – said the president. The head of state said that the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party can express all of his ideas freely, since “we have freedom of speech.”

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