Ukraine: Poroshenko vs. Hitler

ukraine_petro_poroshenko_ap_imgSome hot shots compare Ukraine President Poroshenko with Hitler now. This is not historically justified and is not fair to Hitler.

Hitler never bombed German cities and did not destroy the German companies even in 1945. Hitler did not force conscription on children and the elderly. Hitler did not cut wages and pensions, did not deprive its citizens of the right to work and did not cut off the heating, even in wartime.

Hitler was not a corrupt oligarch and did not make money trading military supplies. Hitler built autobahns, popular car companies, kindergartens, schools, free of charge housing. Hitler developed sports and created a powerful system of free medical care for the citizens of Germany.

Under Hitler in Germany there was no drug abuse, pedophilia and other sexual perversions. There was no unemployment, homeless and destitute. No fraud, corruption, speculation and predatory lending rates.

Hitler never said that he was a Democrat, although he was democratically elected in compliance with all the formalities prescribed by law.

Hitler was certainly a monstrous war criminal, but in relation to others, and not to his own people.

Source: Alexander Biletsky

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