Prime Minister of Donetsk Alexander Zaharchenko issues a statement

A statement issued yesterday by the Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Donetsk Alexander Zaharchenko.

Alexander Zaharchenko

As of this morning, Donetsk is surrounded by the Ukrainian army and National Guard punitive forces. However, people’s militia units are in full control and ready to defend the country’s capital.

This will not be the first time the chasteners announced the surrounding, cleaning and almost taking areas of Donetsk. However, in reality that never worked. Government of Donetsk People’s Republic is confident of victory as ever.

However, the surrounded city is facing a humanitarian catastrophe. Bombardments cause many deaths among civilians. In the case of a direct assault on the city the number of victims will increase by orders of magnitude.

Humanitarian corridors today are absolutely absent. Citizens of Donetsk can not get medicine. Food supply is at the end. Because of the blockade and bombardment it is impossible to repair the shattered utility grids. The situation with water and electricity in the city is very bad.

We continue to hope that the world community will affect the bloodthirsty Kiev authorities, so that Donetsk does not repeat the fate of Stalingrad. We are ready for a ceasefire to prevent the extension of humanitarian disaster in the Donbass area.

But the continued aggression of the Ukrainian army will mean that our people’s militia will have to fight at any balance of forces and in any conditions. Kiev must remember how the Nazis ended in Stalingrad, and how a couple of years after the war was taken to Berlin.

Now our city has turned into a united military camp. We will not tolerate the excesses and violence of the Nazis in Donetsk. The fight will take place in every street, every house, for every meter of our land!

The enemy will be thrown back.

We will defend our right to freedom and independence! Residents of Donetsk support our determination in the fight against the invaders!

Victory will be ours!

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