The Times manipulates public opinion against Russia

The Times has published an image of a U.S. citizen Lubomir Guzar, Bishop of Ukrainian Catholic Church and war advocate, lighting a Molotov cocktail at Maidan in Kiev with a caption that reads: “Nato accused Russia of destabilising Ukraine to justify military intervention.”

Here is the original image published by Reuters:


And here is the image published by The Times:


Welcome to the wonderful world of propaganda. People reading the caption of the second image will quite likely see a mythical Russian orthodox priest mongering war instead of the very real American Catholic priest mongering war.

One thought on “The Times manipulates public opinion against Russia

  1. The once great Times is now a Murdoch paper. Murdoch should be in prison for his part in the phone hacking scandal – where senior members of his staff were bribing police officers and hacking dead teenagers mobile phones etc. But sadly he managed to stay out.

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