Western mercenaries have reasons to flee from Ukraine

Numerous disappearances in Ukraine of upscale professional mercenaries from private military companies (PMC) specializing in carrying out sabotage operations in the areas of ethnic conflict instantly demoralized most “wild geese” that counted on easy money. Western PMCs and the Ukrainian authorities can not find the missing mercenaries, “Pravdorub” reports.


PMC “Greystone”, «Academi» of the Brito-American “Helo Trust” and others, that received an order for a certain kind of work and a carte blanche to specific activities from the U.S. State Department and the new Ukrainian authorities, have provided the new Ukrainian government with the best-paid and most trained personnel. The company MPRI, which was founded in 1987, is engaged in the selection and procurement of weapons, provides advice in reforming the armed forces, develop doctrines, and military exercises, has checked in Ukraine as well. The company also provides operations support to rapid reaction forces. The company cooperates with the U.S. government, the CIA and the Defense Ministry. At the disposal of the company is the largest database of experts from military industry in America.

Its staff has repeatedly participated in local conflicts, for example, offered their services to the Colombian Government, trained the Croatian army, helped the Albanian rebels in Macedonia and the authorities of Liberia. For example, in 1995 the Croatian army successfully conducted the operation “Storm” focused on destruction of Serb separatists that was planned and carried out by the staff of PMCs. This invaluable experience was supposed to play, according to employers, a crucial role in suppressing the uprising in the south-east of Ukraine. Well, they wish it was so easy …

Mercenaries of these companies are considered the elite “Wild Geese”, as evidenced by the size of the payment they receive for their bloody business. The soldiers in the army get from 1 to 4 thousand dollars a month, while for a day’s work a PMC’s mercenary can earn from 250 to one thousand dollars. Given the realities of Ukraine and time pressure for critical reaction to the growing avalanche of events in the south-east of the country, the pay rates double and triple.

But stepping on the Ukrainian land, after long studying the situation in Ukraine and the national characteristics of the population, thugs were faced with a completely different, unfamiliar and frightening reality. Mystical troubles began as soon as the experts from West arrived in Kyiv. Two mercenaries from “Kubik Appl & Action International», specialized in consulting services, army reforms and consultations for army departments, inadvertently deviated from the planned route and disappeared right on the territory of Kyiv in March.

The futile search organized by representatives of the PMC with the support of simulating active assistance new Ukrainian authorities did not bring results. The PMC were forced to write the incident off as the result of all the mess and uncontrollable situation with various armed groups in the city. People disappear quite often in these trouble times, and there is a fine foreign “tourist” equipped with the latest in science and technology – certainly attractive from all points of view, and most importantly, financially, in this difficult times for the country, for every patriotic but poor national liberation gang …

Next is more. When attempting to conduct reconnaissance on the ground near Sloviansk an intelligence and sabotage group of American PMCs «Academi» disappeared without a trace. PMC Academi was formerly known as «Xe Services LLC» (until January 2010), and even earlier, before February 2009 – as «Blackwater» (“Black Water”). «Xe» became infamous during participation in the Iraq war in connection with the killings of civilians, arms smuggling and other incidents that have received wide publicity in the media (after which the company urgently needed a rebranding).

Employees of this PMC participated in the war in Afghanistan, as well as provided services to individuals, oil and insurance companies during the events in Libya. Immediately after the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, “Blackwater” appeared in Iraq as one of the 60 security companies. It became involved in training of the new Iraqi armed forces and police, as well as support for the occupation forces. At the time of withdrawal of “Blackwater” from Iraq they numbered 987 mercenaries, 744 of whom were citizens of the United States.

Next, unprecedented in scale was the disappearance in the vast lands of Donetsk of the “task force” of 20 PMC mercenaries from «Greystone», part of «Academi», where the coordinator (or “controller”) of the missing squad was a special agent of the CIA, personally familiar with its director John Brennan.

Here the situation was so obviously beginning to slip out of control of all the “coordinating” persons that the director of the CIA was forced to intervene and secretly flown in under an assumed name. Naturally, he did not risk investigating in the field in areas where missing “tourists” got lost (one never knows, he could himself disappear without a trace in the vast expanses of Ukraine), but the irresponsible and shyly shrugging shoulders in bewilderment newly appointed representatives of law enforcement agencies did receive a severe dust down. The definitive task was set to find out any information whatsoever about the fate of disappearing without a trace batches of mercenaries. The director was leaving for the distant empire of good and a hotbed of democracy even more grim-faced than he arrived. His alarmed faced showed poorly concealed bewilderment about the new government – “and how can one trust such irresponsible people?”

In the ranks of the mercenaries themselves, the light, carefully cultivated by Hollywood panic against Russians gradually grew into a paralyzing horror after the recent events. Horror exacerbated by suspicious similarity of the male population of Ukraine with the usual cinematic Russian peasants, known to every American for ruthless fighting and volitional qualities. Fighting those could only come to mind of a complete fool, who knows nothing about their superhuman abilities and inclinations to violence against foreigners.

The attitude of the Ukrainian military did not inspire much enthusiasm either, when they cleverly shirked doing even the simplest of tactical tasks. Their presence did not bring reassurance, but on the contrary, the conviction grew that they were specifically in charge of nullifying any mercenary activity in indirect ways.

A particularly painful impression on thin western nature left the ​​green armed men seen guarding often self-made but erected with some savage cunning strategic roadblocks, and firmly associated by Americans if not to the terminators of the GRU, then certainly with some desperadoes who passed a long and in-depth training and were awaiting the moment to apply their skills. The mercenaries were not comfortable to engage those inhuman freedom fighters, and even being within the sight of the army laser rangefinder from them felt unbearably creepy.

Some of the experts, invited to restore total democracy, given the utter impossibility to work in such unbearable and demoralizing conditions, had to notify the management of their companies of an immediate termination of the mission and, to avoid further trouble, of their returning home to the “empire of good” as soon as possible.

The mercenaries meanwhile continue inexorably and surely disappear, ignoring all democratic procedures and senior Western patrons …

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