Yet another American military instructor killed in Ukraine

ukr_usOne more American military instructor of those 180 professionals that arrived recently to Ukraine was killed by a sniper bullet.

The assault started when the instructor swam in the Sea of ​​Azov, near the city of Zhdanov, reports the agency “New Russia.” The associates that were on shore were unable to help, as they themselves were trying to find shelter from the fire.

This is the third American instructor, who was killed on the territory of Ukraine. Two instructors from the United States were shot in Mariupol on July 24.

These losses have led to the desire of half of the professionals to return back to the United States. They agree to continue the rest of the mission only if they are well away from the front lines.

The 180 military instructors arrived in Kiev from the United States on July 23rd, representing the Rangers, air mobile forces and specialists in aviation targeting. The declared purpose of American instructors is Ukrainian military training.

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