Russia’s response to Ukraine’s intention to introduce book embargo

banned-books1_000Russian Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications (“Rospechat”) responded to the intention of the Ukrainian authorities to introduce license and quotes for Russian and other foreign books and publications. In a statement “Rospechat” said Russia will not change the existing legislation in the field of publishing and printing industry in this regard.

The ministry noted that the Russian legislation in this area has always been very liberal: publishing and printing are not licensed and restrictions for the importation of foreign book production do not exist. In the fruitful cooperation developed between the Russian and Ukrainian book publishers, readers had access to books published in both countries.

The head of “Rospechat” Mikhail Seslavinsky expressed concern that the new policy of Ukraine may negatively affect the cultural cooperation with Russia. “It will be sad if, against all odds, a book embargo will be established even briefly in the cultural space of Ukraine – a phenomenon that reminds us of the saddest pages in the history of the twentieth century” – he said.

Quoting book production involves the introduction of restrictions on the importation of books from other countries. If quoting and licensing of Russian and foreign books is implemented, their delivery to Ukraine will be only possible on the issuance of special permits.

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