Swedish Radio: Battalion “Azov” is a threat to Ukraine

ukr_swedish_radio_azov_reportBattalion “Azov”, whose members are involved in the battles against the militias in eastern Ukraine, pose a threat to the country, reports Swedish Radio (Sverigesradio.se)

The radio station contacted one of four Swedish citizens who have decided to fight on the side of the battalion. Sniper neo-nazi Mikael Skilt described the situation in Ukraine as a “racial war.”

Swedish radio also quoted from an interview a member of the battalion “Azov” anonymously gave British TV channel Sky News. In the interview he says: “Now we have to fight with Russia, after which we will begin the next revolution to cleanse our own government.”

Ukrainian political scientist Anton Shekhovtsov in an interview with radio station said that the battalion is not fighting for democracy. “Their vision of Ukraine – a fascist dictatorship,” – he said.

According to Swedish Radio, the battalion “Azov”, organized in May and currently consisting of about 300 people, includes the ultra-right and nationalists and was joined by citizens of several European countries.

2 thoughts on “Swedish Radio: Battalion “Azov” is a threat to Ukraine

  1. Skillt is a narcisistic simple mercenary. He might very well think that Russia is a non-european country against which he (prob’ly funded by Israeli oligarch Kolomoisky…) must fight.

  2. He also seems to declare that his next target will be Sweden, i.e. he plans to fight a revolution in his own country after coming back from Ukraine.

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