U.S. approves artillery use on civilians in Ukraine

Ukrainian army may use artillery in towns in the south-east of the country during the fights with the militia. This is the opinion of the U.S. authorities, according to RIA Novosti, expressed by the State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf. According to her, “Ukrainians are responsible for defending its citizens and the country… Weapons mentioned in such reports – regular artillery from the former Soviet army. We certainly can not say to Ukrainians not to use conventional weapons, “- said Harf.

I hope they will come around to looking at reports of non-conventional weapon use against civilians some time too. I am curious what U.S. will have to say then. In the meantime…

The news from Avdeevka, a 37,000 inhabitants town, confirm that the Ukrainian Army was apparently inspired and encouraged by the outspoken support of U.S. authorities. Local residents report widespread destruction today: the artillery shelling destroyed many houses, damaged the railway crossing between parts of the town, one of the domes of the Cathedral of Mary Magdalene was hit, a shot from a tank destroyed a shop and a garage.

The city has almost no electricity, some areas are already three or four days without water. Cellular communication is intermittent. Large grocery stores do not work, food and water can only be purchased in small retail outlets. Many locals prefer to leave the city. Because of the dangerous situation on the roads and lack of transport they have to walk on foot.


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