Ukraine: a summary of situation by Aleksandr Bileckiy

Aleksandr Bileckiy wrote a great succinct summary of the situation in Ukraine. Allow me to paraphrase:

ukr_Iacenjuk_691430– Red Cross designated the situation in the Ukraine as “civil war”, making it impossible for Ukraine to obtain credit assistance from the IMF, as well as denouncing all the myths of “terrorists”.

– Humans Rights Watch confirmed that Ukrainian government forces used unconventional weapons of mass destruction indiscriminately on the people of Donetsk and Lugansk, thereby killing thousands of women, children, old people, destroying infrastructure and residential sectors of the cities.

– The international CSCE observers group monitoring the Russian-Ukrainian border have not recorded any cases of transfer of weapons, but confirmed the presence of tens of thousands of refugees fleeing to the territory of Russia.

– Russia provides humanitarian and medical assistance to servicemen of Ukrainian Army that refused to continue to participate in punitive operations against the citizens of Ukraine.

ukr_Kolomoysky_happy– Monstrous provocation with the Malaysian Boeing shot down in Ukraine which claimed hundreds of lives has not achieved its goals. All responsibility for the deaths lies with the current Kiev government that creates conditions and gave instructions to the aviation and air defense to destroy a civilian airliner.

– The population refuses to trust government run media and protests against further mobilization to the slaughterhouse in the interests of bankers and oligarchs, corrupt officials and U.S. lackeys.

– The businesses close down, planting and harvesting of crops is disrupted, millions of people in search of work go to Russia, wages are in decline, pensions and benefits are not paid, insane growth for utilities costs and tax increases – all of this prepares the country for a major social upheaval against anti-Ukrainian and inhumane policy of the current aggressive criminal regime.

Indeed, the situation in Ukraine is as bleak as that and worse.


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