Ukrainian pilot admits shooting at Malaysian Boeing

Ukrainian_Air_Force_Su-25UB_with_two_MiG-29s_9-13_in_background-672x372Wahrheit fuer Deutschland posted on their site a scandalous article in which a pilot of Ukrainian Air Force Su-25 fighter plane tells what happened in the sky over the Donbass in the day of the crash of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.

German newspaper wrote that the pilot admitted that the fighter plane fired the gun at the Boeing 777 of Malaysian Airlines. It was his plane in images taken by satellites and presented at a briefing of the General Staff of Russia. The crashed Boeing photos also showed clearly multiple bullet holes from machine gun bullets, which consistently showed a frontal angle and hardly could result from a ground-air missile. In many Internet forums and comment columns this confession brought relief to the endless arguments. A small victory for those that so far unsuccessfully tried to win over the Internet with their facts.

Earlier OSCE experts studied the wreckage of the airliner in the disaster area and made their initial conclusions, once again confirming the above mentioned facts. Fuselage damage of the crashed “Boeing” can reveal which weapons were used when the Malaysian airliner was shot down. The representative of the OSCE in Ukraine Michael Bochurkiv came out with an important statement on the subject.

“Perhaps even for the layman it is obvious that the holes were really like those that remain after being hit with a machine gun. And if we speculate further in this spirit, then such kind of damage on the metal of the crashed planes we have not seen anywhere else,” – Bochurkiv was quoted as saying by the press secretary of the OSCE mission in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Su-25, which, according to the Russian Defense Ministry was seen next to the “Boeing”, is equipped with both the missiles and a double-barreled 30-mm machine gun with 250 rounds of ammunition.

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