Ukraine: the war is … not the war

ukr_Donetsk_26_July_2014Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine had to work extra hard to legitimize the massacres in the east of the country by army, national guard and security forces. Head of the faction “Native land” Serhiy Sobolev said to the TV channel “24” that the parliament changed 37 laws to ensure that government side combatants are not prosecuted for their crimes.

“You know that we had to change 37 laws, the parliament is fully engaged by the work to bring the Anti-Terrorist Operation in accordance with the regime of martial law, so that God forbid those soldiers and officers who are now in the war zone would ever be brought to justice,” – he said.

Why martial law is not sought

The fact is that, despite the war, the death of local residents as a result of the artillery attacks and bombardments, Ukraine is now officially “peaceful.” And every murder should be investigated by the appropriate crime investigation authorities. Ukrainian authorities do not want to introduce martial law, because they are afraid of losing the promised assistance from the West.

International Monetary Fund, according to the rules of the organization, does not provide funds to countries that are at war. Recently the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has openly admitted this: “IMF does not give money to countries at war. This question is not well thought of when they ask today about the military situation,” – he said. Ukraine is now in an extended economic crisis, as openly admitted in the government, and so any financial help for them would be welcome.

Vladimir Putin cautions

“In a country at war money is usually issued for some goals and spent for others. Money is given to support the economy and the social sphere, and sent to support the fighting and are usually also stolen by the by. That is precisely what is happening in Ukraine after the issuance of the first tranche, in my opinion,” – Putin said.

“For example, a significant portion of the resources needed to be directed to support the banking and financial center of the country. As far as I know, a significant portion of these funds were transferred to the private banks of Ukrainian oligarchs. Where is the money that was transferred, in whose pockets will it eventually drop – IMF staff, the public of Ukraine and of the supporting countries should know. Therefore it is necessary to first stop the fighting, and then give the money,” – said Vladimir Putin.

Other reasons

There are other reasons for the reluctance of the Ukrainian authorities to impose a state of martial law. That was also explained by Poroshenko. When declaring martial law Ukraine will be deprived of the right to receive supplies of military value. In addition, the country’s authorities must officially recognize their “enemy.”

“The military situation is a situation in which there is an opposite side. And the party with whom we are fighting, has the appropriate rights. The enemy then also can receive support, including support by other states, and it is protected by international law,” – said Poroshenko.

Faction “Native land” in the Verkhovna Rada meanwhile continues to insist on the introduction of martial law, to legalize in a single swipe the actions of army and national guard in the east. But there is another reason. Martial law will leverage pro-government parties against the opposition. During martial law, the activities of some political organizations may be prohibited without any complications. Among the first in this case may be the Communist Party of Ukraine, which was recently already placed under severe pressure.

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