Look who is talking!

ukr_South_surrounded_1Ukranews reports that “Ukraine urges Israel and Palestine to stop the violence”.

The deputy director of information policy department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vasily Zvarych announced this in a briefing. “In Ukraine we are concerned about the escalation of the situation in Gaza in the last week, especially the numerous victims among the civilian population. We urge the Israeli and Palestinian sides to show restraint and put an end to violence,” – said Zvarych.

The civil war waged by the Ukrainian government so far has seen 8,978 killed and 14,100 wounded. And that is just the counts that could be gathered. Many more casualties, both in the army and between the civilian population of Donbass remain unaccounted. Some sources say the real figures are at least twice as high.

The regime that wages bloody war against its own people is asking others to stop the violence. This is a new level of political hypocrisy.

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