Opinions on oligarch wars in Ukraine

ukr_Kolomoysky_happyHere is a couple of opinions on the political situation in Ukraine.

Da Dzi wrote: “I could talk to one fairly well-known politician from Israel. Most important thing taken out of the conversation – political circles in Israel are all sure 99.99% that the Malaysian Boeing was “ordered” by Kolomoysky. Virtually no one expresses any doubts. And they are all extremely angry because of that. They say, he “lost his borders” – to shoot down civilian planes or form punitive military battalions played out in Bandera style – Kolomoysky damages the image of Jews worldwide. Well, except for American Jews – they love such provocations.”

“The correspondent was sure that the rhetoric of the U.S. will change within the week. Obama cannot prove that the destruction of the Boeing involved Novorossia or Russia but the guilty party must be named. Nominations to the role of the guilty party are exactly two: Poroshenko and Kolomoysky. But to call Poroshenko the culprit is to kill Ukraine politically in the international arena. That would result in a strange situation that the U.S. supports a President who is a terrorist. So there is actually only a single candidate. Kolomoysky played a baron in the Ukrainian feud farce. And now it’s time for him to go.”

Mikle proposes a different scenario where U.S. will not give up Kolomoysky. They could rather push for the destruction of the ship and scapegoating Poroshenko. They could start a war within the Junta and ascertain that Poroshenko is thrown over. Then they would wait and see if there is any progress with the new “king”. And if not – they can still raise a cry of overthrowing the legitimately elected President and announce the refusal to deal with a terrorist. Which, oh horror of horrors, even knocked down an airplane.

If it succeeds, U.S. will come out all dressed in white from their support of the failed regime while Kolomoysky may continue to destroy Ukraine any way he likes – he could even get weapons, money supply and mercenaries through third countries. Classics of the genre.

So we have now two ways the situation may deteriorate in Ukraine, according to people who think. Interestingly, nobody seems to think anymore that the situation may improve at all. Also, I notice that the name of Kolomoysky is appearing more and more in the news in these few days. Indeed, he may become now the main actor in this drama, who knows.

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