Ukraine is convicted of illegal phosphorus bombs use

ukr_phosphorous_bombsRussian Ministry of Defense stated that the Ukrainian army has used phosphorus bombs in the shelling of residential areas of cities and towns in the east. “Interfax” reports the words of the representative of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Major-General Victor Poznihir.

According to him, today there is definitive evidence that the Ukrainian military “is using phosphorus munitions”, this assertion “is based on the characteristic features.” As an example Poznihir referred to the shelling of Sloviansk June 12, Semyonovka shelling on June 29, shelling of Lysychansk on July 7 and the airstrike on Donetsk by Ukrainian Air Force on July 23.

“Phosphate supplies have a peculiar signature of application – high speed fall, unlike lighting ammunition, scattering brightly burning elements over a large area, resembling a shower of sparks, emergence of large-scale fires in areas of falling and high combustion temperature, “- said the General.

The Russian side also urged Ukraine to discontinue their use of prohibited weapons. “We appeal to international organizations: there is no need to conceal the facts,” – said Poznihir.

Earlier, Russia’s Investigative Committee said that Ukrainian troops used phosphorus munitions during attacks on civilian targets. The use of such weapons is banned by Geneva Convention.

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