Human rights activists call for the safety of children in Ukraine

ukr_children_of_warRussian human rights activists have sent an appeal to the warring parties in Ukraine, as well as international human rights organizations to ensure the safety and timely assistance to children in the conflict zone in the east of the country, reports “Interfax”.

The appeal was signed by the Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia Pamfilova, executive director of the international public organization “Fair Aid” Elizabeth Glinka, Chairman of the Russian Council for Development of Civil Society and Human Rights Mikhail Fedotov.

“There are, to our knowledge, hundreds of children who need emergency medical care and basic safety in the combat zone today. Among these children are wounded, insulin dependent, disabled, children with cancer and other serious diseases. To save the lives for some of them the count goes to days or even hours,” – the statement says.

Russian human rights activists also called for safety corridors for the removal of children in the need of urgent medical attention to Russian medical institutions. European leaders, heads of OSCE and humanitarian organizations, including the Red Cross, are invited to be the guarantors of the action.

Russia, for its part, is ready to provide transportation and quality medical care for children.

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