American instructors arrive to Ukraine

ukr_US_trainers_44.gifToday a body of 180 elite U.S. Army instructors arrived to Kiev in an atmosphere of utter secrecy. The instructors represent particularly airmobile forces, rangers and specialists of aviation targeting. Many of them have been studying Ukrainian language intensively in recent days.

Place of permanent deployment of these officers and NCOs is Fort Benning base in the states of Georgia and Alabama, where they report to the Special Operations Command and Command for training and development of the military of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Most of the arrivals have experience in training in the “backyard” of the U.S. – the states of Central and South America – within the framework of military and military-industrial cooperation, as well as intelligence and counterintelligence collaboration in accordance with U.S. geopolitical interests.

Usually no more than one or two such instructors are required to prepare a special forces company for combat. An unusually large number of arrivals (usually an arrival of two dozen in one country is regarded as a major mission) hardly suggests that Ukraine are going to prepare over a hundred new special forces companies.

In all likelihood it is a plan to accelerate (to one to two months) the retraining of Ukrainian military personnel who will be thrown into battle under the command of American officers and sergeants.

This is great news for existing American private military companies in Ukraine: U.S. troops taking part in the fighting officially will lead to the delivery of the latest weapons and equipment at the public expense, from which they will be able to profit together with some private entrepreneurs who manage to establish close ties with the U.S. Army, now officially present in Ukraine.

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