Nazi of Ukraine: Hitler is distant second

ukr_Turchinov_41720In 1926, the Nazis banned the Communist Party of Italy, in January 1933 the Nazis banned the Communist Party of Germany. Remarkably, even Hitler did not consider it possible to ban the Communist Party outright, simply with a reference to the nature of its ideology and history. A fire in Reichstag was arranged that was blamed on the communists. Moreover, Georgi Dimitrov was brought to a public trial, which was lost and Dimitrov released … Despite that, the Communist Party was banned anyway and about half of its 300,000 members were harassed, thrown into prisons and concentration camps.

Ukrainian junta, unlike Hitler, did not even attend to that superficial decency.

Ukrainian Parliament Speaker Oleksandr Turchynov dissolved the fraction of the Communist Party of Ukraine. He stated this at a meeting of the parliament. “Today is a historic day. I hope the Ukrainian Parliament will never again contain Communist factions” – said the speaker.

Killing of communists for their views in Ukraine too, unlike in Hitler’s times, began long before the ideology was banned.

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