Crimeans appeal to Ukraine

ukr_Krym_recommendsThe people of Krym (Crimea) are appealing to the Nazi of Ukraine in no uncertain terms:

If you dare to set your foot here, you will learn the meaning of the slogan “Death to the Occupiers!” Donetsk militias will suddenly seem hospitable relatives to you. We have English, French, Turkish, Italian and German cemeteries in Sevastopol. If you do not want a “Ukrainian” to appear, put things in good order in the territories that you still have.

Don’t envy someone else, leave Donbass alone – they made their choice. Just draw yourselves a new map while you still have the opportunity to include on it the state with the strange name “Ukraine”.

Crimea is ours. And we will never ever again give it to you. You played enough with it. You try us – and you will receive back wholesale for everything at once: constant insults to our country and mutilated Kiev, crushed Odessa and killed children in Donbass, and, of course, for “Crimea is Ukraine”.

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