Is Ukraine planning to start World War III ?

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced another partial mobilization, the decree for which is being prepared in the Presidential Administration. This time, the mobilization will not cover the rotation of military fighting in the Donbas region.

The deputy head of the Administration Gennady Zubko discussed the decree on the Ukrainian TV “Channel 5”. “This decree is being prepared. Foremost, this is an extra mobilization, we are not talking about the rotation of the Army,” – he said, – “Today the situation is such that we are talking about offensive action and to say that we plan rotation would be to tell a lie,” – added Zubko.

At the same time, Ukraine army began restoring three former military airfields In southern Ukraine: in Martynivskaya of Mykolayiv region and in Buyalyk and Chervonoglinski Odessa region. The runways are being restored in a hurry at these airfields by applying a modern monolithic concrete cover produced by Dyckerhoff.

Why would a poor country, which has no money even for social programs, restore military airfields? The aviation of Ukraine isn’t all that large anymore. And it would be very expensive to maintain so many planes that would fill those additional airfields.

The only plausible explanation is that they are destined for NATO air forces.

ukr_ztaU43tXld0Poroshenko and Kolomoysky realize that the only chance remaining to stay alive for them is a war with Russia. They must proceed to complete the order of the  overseas friends – to draw Russia into the war. They would not care how many Ukrainians and Russians die. The sonny of Poroshenko is far – in peaceful Europe. Others will die.

The target seems obvious. To attack Russia in the north is a direct aggression. But attacking Crimea can be filed by Western governments and media as a “return of Ukrainian Crimea.” Kiev is not worried that Crimeans openly hate Ukraine, especially after what Ukrainian fascists did in the East. The brainwashed nationalists will rejoice when the Crimeans start to die.

If Ukraine nationalists attack Crimea, they will be gritted into powder in a day, if not sooner. But … This would be the beginning of the war that some world powers badly desire to remain in power and save their crumbling economy.

That would be the beginning of the Third World War.

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