Ukrainian army opens fire on Malaysian air experts

ukr_MH17_1016585933The escort accompanying Malaysian experts to the site of the crash of the Malaysian flight MH17 in Ukraine reports:

“Ukrainians tried to hit Malaysian specialists with artillery fire. Since I speak English, our commanders sent me to accompany Malays at the crash site in the evening. The Ukrainian Army were made ​​aware of the trip. Despite that, they began to shoot down the road from the air ahead of us as we were approaching Harzizsk, blowed up at least one civilian car. Malaysian experts are horrified, we are back to Donetsk now. Please, make this public.”

Experts agree that the access to the site is crucial for the success of the investigation. The Donetsk Republic is providing full assistance, a cease-fire and English speaking escorts to the visiting experts.

At the same time, Ukraine sabotages the efforts. What do they have to hide?

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