Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash

The news of the crash of the Malaysian “Boeing 777” split the whole world in just a few minutes based on a predetermined basis: “believe / do not believe” that the blame lies with Russia / U.S.A. / Ukraine / Donetsk. While the international investigation has not even started, most viewers and opinion leaders very quickly – after just fifteen or twenty minutes after the news related to the disaster started to arrive – already knew who were to blame.

There was yet no information that the plane mysteriously deviated from the set route, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine has not announced yet that Donetsk and Luhansk militia did not possess air defense missile systems “BUK“, that Spanish flight control manager in Borispol did not yet tweet that Kiev stands behind the tragedy – but the world was already divided.

One of the hundreds of thousands of aircraft flying daily over the world, with citizens of countries on board that have no relation to Ukrainian problems fell exactly where someone needed it and exactly when someone needed it. The probability of this event happening by pure chance is so small that all of mathematical statistics, logic and common sense rein unanimously against the act. Then, we need to find out the details, and look at who actually benefited from the event to find the culprit.

Ukraine MH17 Malaysian BoeingAccording to the information available today the following facts are established:

1. Footage from the crash site shows that the relatively large surviving fragments of the aircraft (pieces of wings, vertical stabilizer, fuselage sections) contain no holes (inlets and outlets) from shrapnel-like damaging elements (balls or rollers, depending on the manufacturer) contained in the warheads of “BUK M1” system that allegedly shot down the aircraft. If a “BUK” misile was used, numerous holes would inevitably be noticeable as the warhead explodes approximately 8-12 m from the aircraft on approach.
2. Noteworthy is the absence of traces of combustion (soot) on all remaining large fragments, eliminating fire as the cause of the destruction of the aircraft.
3. Residents of the village Hrabovo that watched the crash, declare that the airplane first dramatically reduced altitude and then two (or three) “loud bang” sounds were heard, after which the aircraft disintegrated. Some of the eyewitness talk about two planes in the air, one of which subsequently went in the direction of Dnepropetrovsk.
4. Ukrainian side has failed to publish the negotiations between the Boeing and the flight control and did not report any other aircraft flying in the area during the catastrophe.
5. The Defense Ministry of Ukraine did not comment on the flights of combat aircraft (fighters and attack airplanes) that occurred during the accident in the neighborhood and reported by eyewitnesses.

In the light of the above, it is most likely that the Boeing was shot down by an intentional or accidental missile launch of “air-air” type by an Ukrainian Air Force fighter. The warheads of air-air missiles are weak in comparison with high-explosive warheads with fragmentation sub-munitions of “BUK”. When those air-air “rod” missiles strike, they usually burst one of the engines without causing instant destruction of the fuselage and not causing a lot of destruction by shrapnel. The relatively weak source of fire can be extinguished in a short time even by the regular aircraft fire protection system. Subsequently, though, the affected aircraft usually enters into a tailspin (that the residents of Hrabovo report seeing), and collapses in relatively large fragments.

There is a strange coincidence of Ukraine’s president Poroshenko statement about a “new strategy for engaging foreign countries in the conflict” a few hours before the accident with his immediate reaction after the incident setting forth the final – suspiciously pre-designed and detailed – version of the incident. This coincidence together with all other evidence strongly suggests that the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing was a pre-planned operation with participation from the Ukrainian military.

But the truth can only be uncovered through scrupulous and official investigation, free from the influence of any “sources” in Ukrainian media. Actually, Russia  offers to do precisely that – an investigation with the involvement of all interested international organizations, which are actually the MAC – air administration of the CIS, where Ukraine is a member, and ICAO – UN inspection for aviation. In this light, the stubborn desire of Poroshenko to attract U.S. experts to the investigation looks especially eloquent, because, logically, U.S. have no relation to the incident – the plane was flying from outside the U.S., and not to the U.S., and there were no U.S. citizens on board, according to the Malaysian Airlines.

Perhaps we should explain that the airspace of the planet Earth does not belong to the United States, unlike the dollar and the Internet, and therefore appeal to the U.S. as a referee in this situation of the crashed Malaysian airplane is basically ridiculous. On the other hand, the fact that such an appeal is made by Poroshenko speaks for itself – Ukrainian president decided to jump over the head of the UN and ICAO directly to Barack Obama, the only person whom he considers to be above himself and the UN.

A thorough examination of how and why the Malaysian Boeing fell down, as well as who benefited from it, may be the only chance for the international community to avoid a third world war, which Hollywood is so fond of talking about.

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