July 16: communists and patriots rally at the U.S. Embassy

ukr_action_July_16 Novinskyi brAt 14:00 on July 16 deputies of the State Duma faction of the Communist Party held a meeting with voters, Muscovites and their fellow party members of the Moscow City Party in front of the American embassy in support of New Russia – East Ukrainian republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

The meeting was held at Novinsky Boulevard in Moscow, 18 from 14.00 to 16.00. It was attended by deputies of the State Duma V.I.Kashin, V.F.Rashkin, SP Obukhov, N.I.Vasilev, A.V.Potapov, V.R.Rodin, Moscow City Duma and Moscow Region Duma.

Several hundred people, under the scorching sun participated for two hours in the action under the red banner of the Communist Party and the flags of the Donetsk Republic. Participants of the rally held signs reading “Yankee hands off Ukraine”, “Believe America – lose your country”, “The U.S. does not want peace? World does not want the U.S.”, ” Obama is the Fuhrer of Ukrainian Nazis”, “The blood can not be washed ever”, ” Do not fool around, America!” and other slogans.

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