Ukraine: Guns instead of Butter

bacon-gun-breakfastUkrainians will eat less. That is, even less. And it’s not Russian propaganda, but the official announcement by the Government of Ukraine.

“Funding for a number of social programs will be cut because of the need to finance the army and restore the infrastructure of Donbass. To balance the budget of Ukraine we need to cut funding of a number of social programs, and to increase funding for the Army,” – said Prime Minister Yatsenyuk at a cabinet meeting on Thursday, July 17.

“As the head of the government I am ready to take personal responsibility for these difficult but necessary decisions for the country. I am convinced that all our government members realize that there is no other way. Yes, the country is at war, it is necessary to finance the army, restore infrastructure, provide for the victims, pay the soldiers. And so we will have to cut back on a number of social programs,” – government’s press office quoted Yatsenuk.



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