Poland enters the war in Ukraine

ukr_Dana_armored_gunPowerful artillery, staff buses and trucks to be sent to the Donbass region have arrived to the sea port of Odessa in Ukraine.

Yesterday at the port of Odessa in an atmosphere of high secrecy,  twelve 152 mm self-propelled autoloading guns “Dana” of Czech production, the standard artillery of the Polish Armed Forces, as well as staff buses and trucks, were unloaded. After unloading this artillery battalion (presumably from the Mazury First Artillery Brigade), fully stocked with Polish soldiers, followed its course to the railway station Razdelnaya for loading on railway platforms.

Military experts familiar with the situation suggest that this is the “unpleasant surprise for the militia” that Poroshenko was blabbering about.

Information confirmed by sources from the port of Odessa, railwaymen of the Razdelnaya, the officers from Rybalov (Majdanek), as well as through reputable private channels. The information appears to be absolutely correct. And the question of compensation for Polish partners for their active assistance in the Ukrainian civil war has been already agreed.

Thus, the Ukrainian government has signed for complete inability to cope with the situation on their own own and a NATO member country’s intervention in a civil conflict in Ukraine from a mere probability became a fact. This completely changes the situation and makes probable everything that yesterday seemed impossible…

With this entry of the regular army of a foreign country, a member of NATO, into the civil war in Ukraine the military and political situation has changed radically. Russian Federation and its allies finally have their hands untied for an adequate response.

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