Terror in Ukraine, senseless and merciless

The city center of Snezhnoe in Donetsk region became a target of a powerful air missile strike. According to preliminary information, missiles killed four to ten people.

Four missiles were shot on Snezhnoe in the Donetsk People’s Republic by Ukrainian Air Force at 6:30 am. Information about the victims varies. Currently, their number is estimated between four and ten people. The number of dead could rise as the rubble is cleared and the demolished area is searched for bodies.


One missile hit the tax office that was empty at that early hour. There is almost nothing left of the building. Three other missiles hit residential homes. In one of the apartment houses on Lenin Street two blocks with staircase wells collapsed.

“At the moment we know about four victims. All are pensioners aged 65 to 70”,  – reported the police, – “Second entrance of the apartment building is completely gone. All people there were trapped by the debris of a collapsed house. There may still be more people under the rubble.”

The head of the information center “South-eastern front” Konstantin Knyrik reported, citing eyewitnesses, that the death toll among the civilian population is about ten people, plus many wounded. According to Igor, an eyewitness, the air-strike was performed by a single Su-25 jet fighter, firing several missiles at houses in the Lenin street.

According to the commandant of Snezhnoe, Gorbik Eugene, there may still be a man and a child trapped under the rubble of a collapsed porch. Residents are in an utter shock. Gorbik noted that the civilians have nowhere to run in case of repeated attacks. According to him, part of the militia took up positions in the Snezhnoe after leaving Slavyansk. Therefore, according to Gorbik, this terror of the city is “a revenge of Ukrainian executioners” for their losses.


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