Five Ukrainian generals attract attention by … becoming millionaires

briberyHere is an unexpected twist on the story of American masters and Ukrainian generals. Actual owners of Kiev, American “experts” are investigating a new paradoxical fact: during the civil war codenamed “anti-terrorist operation” in southeastern Ukraine five Ukrainian generals became dollar millionaires!

Although the U.S. military budget is also distributed between private pockets just like anywhere else in the world, the fact remains that the generals’ brazen theft somehow angered the Americans. Did they get up on a wrong foot or what? Or are they indignant that the generals have not shared?

Interesting are the sources of rapid enrichment of the generals. They are not only selling stolen army property. Following the example set by the more advanced countries the generals started dealing drugs delivered, according to sources in the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, by the U.S. military from Afghanistan to Ukraine to “stimulate the National Guard”. Also, they used a fairly classic source of income – “dead souls”. Fatalities of the army are not removed from the cash allowance register and money is directed into the pockets of the Kiev military commanders.

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