Ukraine continues artillery fire on Russia: first victims

One Russian citizen was killed, other two injured as a result of falling bombs in residential areas in the city of Donetsk, Rostov region of Russia. This is the first fatalities in Russia as a result of armed conflict in Ukraine. Until now only the Russian border checkpoints came under fire from the Ukrainian side.

ukr_artillery_fire_in_townOn July 10 Russian Foreign Ministry expressed strong protest to Kiev in connection with a yet another bombardment of Russian border crossing points, noting that in the case of a repeat offense all the responsibility will fall on the Kiev authorities.

“The actions of the Ukrainian side is a flagrant violation of the fundamental principles of international law. The Russian side offers a strong protest to the Ukrainian side and demands to stop attacks on Russian territory. In case of further repetition of similar cases all the responsibility for the consequences will fall on the Kiev authorities, “- said the statement.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin promised tough and specific response to the death of the Russians in the Rostov region as a result of a bomb explosion, released from the territory of Ukraine.

“We’re very concerned with what happened, and these facts indicate a dangerous escalation of tensions on the border, this is a qualitatively higher level of danger for our citizens living on the territory of the Russian Federation. Therefore our demarches shall be harsh, concrete, but the decisions will be taken after we clarify the circumstances of what happened, “- he said.

Authorities of the Rostov region confirmed to ITAR-TASS that the Ukrainian projectiles hit two houses in Russia and the death of one of the Russian people. “At approximately 9:20 the fire came from the territory of the Ukraine towards the city of Donetsk (Rostov region). Two houses on the Baltic Street were destroyed. One Russian citizen born in 1967 was killed, “- said Titov. At the same time, two Russians were wounded according to a source from the local health center.

“The guy was in the yard of his house, the projectile shot off his hand. He died, “- said the source. Two other women were injured. One of them was in her home in front, and the other was just coming back from work. The last one was hit in the leg with a fragment of a shell, he added.

Donetsk – city of regional subordination in the Rostov region, has a population of 49,000 people. The city is located near the state border checkpoint with Ukraine (Donetsk Izvarino).

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