Paranoid commanders cause murders in Ukraine

"Terrorists" mourning their used-to-be house.

“Terrorists” mourning their used-to-be house.

Volunteer Battalion “Donbass” soldier Oleg Dub spoke of a recent “sweeping” of Nikolaevka (near Slavyansk). He posted his message to Facebook. According to Dub, an unarmed man was shot right in front of his eyes.

“Those pitiful commanders scared and unnerved the soldiers before the operation … they gave information that Nikolaevka is empty, there are no peaceful citizens anymore! That there are only ‘separatists’! They told us we must perform a vigilant ‘sweep’ and throw grenades into all the dark places, and shoot at anything suspicious! “- wrote Dub. According to him, he warned the company commander that such information may cause a chaotic shooting and killing of innocents.

Since the very beginning of the ‘sweep’ operation the participant fighters fell into a paranoid state and began to shoot at anything that moves. “Only my people kept weapons at safety and did not take out the grenades. From all the others grenades flew in all holes … Suddenly, a man came out from his house only a hundred meters from these pseudo-fighters! Without weapons! In sweatpants and a T-shirt! And these maniacs shot him, “- he said in his post.

According to Dub, his people ran to the wounded man to help him, but the man was already dead. Soldier also argues that by the time described (he does not specify the date) “separatists” in Nikolaevka were all gone.

Later, on July 7, the battalion commander Simon Sementchenko, dissatisfied with the revelations of Oleg Dub, cursed him and called a “spy.” Then he allegedly detained Dub. Two days later, he was taken to Artemovsk, where he was kept locked up.

The battalion commander of “Donbass” Semen Sementchenko commented on the scandal. In answer to the questions posed by readers on his page in Facebook (he was asked to comment on the “situation with Oleg Dub, which is cluttered with gossip and can demoralize many”), he replied: “He is in the military prosecutor’s office. In wartime, these actions are unacceptable. I will not tolerate any religious strife in the battalion.” Sementchenko also named Dub’s stories “nonsense”.

Fierce fighting for Nikolayevka conducted in early July, before the militia left Slavyansk. According to the “Russian Spring”, Ukrainian troops spent several days “shooting at the city from all kinds of heavy weapons,” which, according to sources, has resulted in numerous casualties among the civilian population.

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