Ukraine: U.S. State Department issues a protest

usdos-logo-sealThe U.S. State Department has expressed strong protest against the non-intervention of the armed forces of Russia in Ukraine’s internal affairs. “Further delay of a decision on the guilt of Russia increases the costs of all stakeholders and reduces the investment attractiveness of shale gas and other natural resources in Ukraine. The cowardly policy of the Kremlin, avoiding direct military support of the separatists, and representing themselves as a humble “reconstructor” breaks all the rules of negotiation between partners and humiliates the authority of Western values​.”

Any further disregard by Russia of the demands to de-escalate the conflict in Ukraine will confer on Russia the full responsibility for the consequences of the introduction of our third block of sanctions, which include:

– blockade of tourist flow from Russia to Turkey, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Cannes and Venice;
– forced bankruptcy of banks in France, Germany and Austria for funding companies with ties to Russia;
– forcible termination of related industries in Germany and France with an increase in shitty unemployment;
– sanctions against European companies cooperating with Russia and especially those that supply luxury cars, perfume, diamonds and jewelry, fur and leather products, as well as high-end plumbing;
– appointment of Ms. Jennifer Psaki to the posts of UN Secretary General and the President of FIFA World Cup;
– increase of the supply of rocket engines and metals from Russia for the needs of American industry. ”

U.S. said the goal of the new round of sanctions will be to change the Russian calculation in its alleged sponsorship of separatists in Ukraine. Anger in Washington and Brussels was exacerbated by the continued insistence of Russia on unlawful negotiations with civil militants in Eastern Ukraine.


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