Donetsk is hailing the heroes of battles in Slavyansk

People of Donetsk are welcoming the survivors of the battles in Slavyansk that broke through the encirclement of the Ukrainian army.

People of Donetsk welcome the army of Strelkov – heroes of the battles in Slavyansk that broke through the encirclement of the Ukrainian army.


Advisor of the commander Igor Strelkov, Igor Druz tells about the breakthrough of the main forces of Donetsk Republic through he encirclement in Slavyansk by a thousands strong Urkanian army.

Sorry, we did not die under Slavyansk

Militia was forced to withdraw from Slavyansk. Of course, we were ready to stand up to the end and were ready to follow such an order from our commander in chief. We all said our goodbyes to families and left our wills. But we are military and we will carry out any another order as well. Especially because we trust our commander Strelkov, his decency and his military experience. After all, this man has already been through four wars as a volunteer. What would happen if the Russian army decided to defend Moscow in late 1812 or Kiev in 1941? There would be no occupation of Paris and, accordingly, of Berlin, and would be an unnecessary death of the army – “the only ally of Russia.” I am absolutely convinced of our victory, that we will free Kiev and the rest of our country, although we do not know now how much blood and time it will take.

And so it is very strange to read the speculations from some “patriots” that Igor Strelkov is guilty of just about everything, including the surrender of the city. It would be better to remember that he and his men heroically withstood months of thousands-strong army offensive, although they only numbered hundreds themselves, by the end – a couple of thousand. Armed with nearly only small arms, they countered the offensive by fifteen thousand professional soldiers.

Igor Strelkov has asked for help, talking about the need for peacekeeping forces, or at least a massive supply of heavy weapons from Russia. But nobody listened. Moreover, in the last few days there was a betrayal of commanders who bared the flank of Sloviansk suburbs in Nikolayevka. Keeping the battle to defend Slavyansk by this small number of militants against the regular army, with no hope of help from Russia, would have meant the futile death of almost the only able and tried part of the People’s Militia of Donbass.

And it would also mean the complete destruction of the city together with its civilians. The army tactics of Ukrainians is a kind of artillery genocide. They are very afraid to lose soldiers, so they pull howitzers and multiple rocket fire systems up to our cities and villages, then beat on them methodically flattening quarter after quarter. What’s interesting, Ukrainians completely demolished the street called “Russian” in Slovyansk. I think the artillery commander looked at the map of the city on the navigator, saw the hated name, and decided to demolish the Russian street. Well, the other streets have enough destruction too. The scenes that I saw … not possible to describe. Contused three year old child, who goes crazy in front of your eyes screaming in a voice not his own … Priests who perform a funeral service for a whole apartment block, with a dozen coffins on display next to the used-to-be home of the deceased…

That is in order to stop this monstrous Ukrainian “peacemaking” that the militia commander in chief Strelkov decided to withdraw his militia.

Speculation is abound that allegedly militias used a special “corridor”, arranged for them by Poroshenko. That’s complete nonsense. The fact is that Slovyansk blockade was not quite complete. On some of the back roads one could still get out. It’s another story that these back roads were also completely covered by artillery fire, mostly from Karachun. Therefore, Igor Strelkov ordered a diversion – to attack the positions of Ukrainian army with a small number of armored vehicles that we had. Our “Nona” and tanks began the attack while the militia jumped the trucks, minibuses and cars and drove toward Kramatorsk. Some of our tank crews died heroically, they will be awarded the George Cross of Novorossia posthumously.

Of course, some level of confusion is inevitable in such a fairly large-scale operation. Some of the drivers forgot to comply with the blackout order, they drove with their lights on, some forgot to cover the parking lights. The enemy noticed us and launched their drones, used flares. They have a huge number of drones, which I personally can attest to, participating in night combat. Therefore, the enemy in the end managed to detect us and the tail of our column still came under fire from “Grad“.

We were lucky, me and my people were at the head of the column and were not injured. Initially our car was bringing up the tail of the column but then we were forced to turn around because of an error by our local guide and we were in the front. In that artillery fire, alas, many family members of militia that ran with us from the threat of punishment suffered. One woman and a girl were wounded, we had some damaged vehicles. Exact total losses at the end are still being counted.

It’s especially insulting to listen the critique from “right” and “left.” Of course, there was no “conspiracy agreement” with Urkainian powers, who tried to destroy us with all the troops once again, and there could be none. And we did not suffer “terrible losses” with the withdrawal of troops. Well, why do they repeat lies of Urkanians?

After all, the whole operation of Strelkov brilliantly successful, and despite the inevitable in such situations hiccups, he managed to bring out almost the entire staff – more than 90%. And almost all of the weapons. This greatly strengthens the defense of Donetsk and that now is the most important thing.

To all office patriots who criticize Strelkov from afar, I can say one thing: come here and show your talent here, if you think you are smarter and braver. We need volunteers. Sorry, we did not die under Slavyansk. We still have all the chances to die near Donetsk though, if Russia does not help us.

Igor Druz, Adviser to the Minister of Defense of Donetsk Republic on information and policy…


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