Ukrainian army – total genocide in Donbass

ukr_Donbass_people_bombedThe locals may refer to the village Luganskaya Stanica as “village Bloody” now. Ukrainian army and militarized forces started a total wipeout of all civilians in Donbass. National Guard says president Poroshenko gave the command to kill everyone.

The latest fact army has opened heavy fire on two buses, who left last night from Kramatorsk to bring fugitives to Vladimir. They could not even reach the RussianUkrainian border. The attack occurred 20 km from the Russian border. Miraculously, the refugees survived but were forced to return to Krasnodon. However, the fate of these people is no longer known as Krasnodon has been overrun by Ukrainian tanks. 

The response of the Ukrainian government has become incredibly cruel, like the bombing of Kondrashovka and Stanica Luganskaya villages. There were no strategic targets of Lugansk Republic, no military equipment or roadblocks there. Only conventional rural streets, homes, civilians.

Massive air strikes were performed directly on these quiet streets. “Airplanes began bombing on Wednesday night. Early in the morning they blew the gas line then attacks continued until around 11 am”, – tells the mayor of the village Luganskaya Galina Grigorieva, The plane that dropped the bombs flew right over my head: people began to fall to the ground. Then a bomb hit the police station and the roof was blown off the building. Two houses that stood close were completely demolished. That is when the first man was killed and three were badly injured. After that the most terrible part began  the planes attacked the railway stop Old Kondrashevskaya. Half a dozen houses were wiped out at once in the Ostrovsky street. Everything burned, people were screaming. The whole street was literally wiped off the face of the earth. Ten people died on that site: five died immediately, the other died in the hospital,”- continues Galina Grigorieva.

“A 5year-old boy was killed together with his father  – his feet were blown off, the tragedy occurred in front of the mother. A grandfather from 1926, a veteran of the World War II, was killed. The last man whom we picked up, we could not gather him we take him up and the lower part of the body is not there at all. We gathered people in parts – legs, feet, hands It is impossible to calculate exactly how many were killed – we just counted the heads we could find.”

Ukrainian troops are actively using the multiple rocket systems “Grad” and “Uragan” in recent days. On July 2 and 3 they continued massive shelling of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk by all types of cannon and rocket artillery. In both cities, there are numerous civilian casualties and great destruction. The Nazis destroyed the waterworks, besieged cities suffer from thirst. At the same time Ukrainian aircraft fired missiles at a glass factory in Lisichansk, Lugansk Republic. As a result of a direct hit by eight missiles the factory was badly damaged. The bombardments destroyed the largest engineering companies Energomashspetsstal and Kramatorsk Heavy Machinery factories. These facts are mounting up.

According to representatives of the militia, the Ukraine military deliberately destroy industry in Donbass. We need the determination and professionalism of the military for effective action in the area of ​​ATO,” – said Poroshenko. This new bloodbath and destruction spree is probably staged to to increase determination.

As if on cue, all the major Ukrainian mass media launched a campaign “Militants shoot under a white flag at the checkpoint.” The campaign is started by the “anti-terrorist” press center spokesman Alexei Dmitrashkovsky. A car approached a checkpoint with a white flag. We all thought they wanted to surrender, but as they approached the checkpoint, they opened fire, killing one our soldier,” – said Dmitrashkovsky, In response, the fire was opened from the checkpoint and the terrorists’ car was destroyed.” Where was this checkpoint specifically? Who fired back? There are no specifics, none at all. However, specifics or proofs are not necessary.

The main thing is to stuff the brain of the excited Ukrainian public with a sadistic new message: destroy all “terrorists”, even those that raise the white flag. And the Ukrainian audience approvingly accepted the idea. Main portal of Maidan “Ukrainian Truth” was crowded with commentaries like “No corridor and no surrender!“, “Shoot them all and do not let them come close. They are all scum! “, “Take no prisoners, and especially not under a white flag! “.

The public is actively discussing the Ukraine government’s proposal to send allunreliable residents” of South-East into concentration camps where they will work on the construction of Kolomoyskiy Fence” around Ukraine. Such work has already begun on the Russian-Ukrainian border in the Kharkiv region.


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