Ukraine military are burning grain fields in the East


Ukrainian army and paramilitary performing the so-called “anti-terrorist operation” in the South-East of Ukraine moved to a new level of evil and destruction. The punitive forces of the Poroshenko government burn grain fields, ensuring the death by hunger for the area.

Locals tell: “Yesterday they burned about 100 hectares of grain fields nearby … in Slavyansk area near Metallist. Those fields were luxurious high quality wheat meant for reproduction … The Agricultural Institute wanted to save the bread and came out to the fields but they were fired upon … so they crawled away on all fours .. The crop is gorgeous this year, the breadth of a hand. We expected to harvest 2.5 times more than usual … I can’t help crying … ”


3 thoughts on “Ukraine military are burning grain fields in the East

  1. You know that your report is wrong, of course. The retreating Russian invaders are burning the crops as they retreat. You could use a fact checker.

  2. As far as I can read the various news sources, Russia is not at war with Ukraine. So it is rather difficult to imagine “Russian invaders” in Ukraine. Perhaps, you should check your sources.

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