NATO supplies weapons to war in Ukraine

ukr_Voliu_v_kulakNATO supplies Ukraine weapons and military equipment of Soviet production, said Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. “Most of the weapons and equipment of Ukraine is faulty and unusable, so NATO decided to transfer all available old weapons from Eastern European countries”, – wrote the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the military-industrial complex.

Rogozin added that “we are talking about Soviet time weapons production.” These “losses” for the Eastern European countries Washington will compensate with contracts for new weapon systems, said Rogozin. “U.S. military industrial complex is happy,” – he said.

Three hours later, Russian Deputy Prime Minister continued the theme: “By the way, this is a usual thing to do for NATO – throw aviation kerosene over the flames of civil war to put it out.”

Cool. Cheap and cheerful way for NATO (and primarily the United States) to kill a number of birds with one stone. Ukraine gets its promised help, although in fact what it gets are the old and in the hell knows what condition Soviet era weapons. Ukraine now has a life time debt to US for the supply of old weapons and they cannot even claim that it was old worthless junk because the supplies are secret. Ukraine rejoices and does not realize that they were screwed once more. Armies of Eastern Europe get rid of junk and modernize using weapons supplied by U.S, of course not for free.

Escalation of the conflict and an increase in the number of victims in the South East is guaranteed to destabilize Europe. US is strengthening allied NATO armies in Eastern Europe and weakening the position of the Russian Federation. All around, countries become indebted to the United States and U.S. economy growth surges while they really had done absolutely nothing – the deliveries are secret. A perfect win!

And dying women, children, the elderly, all of those civilians – pardon me, but when did it stop the U.S.? Especially if it was a question of money and geopolitical influence?

Electric power plant bombed and destroyed by Ukrainian military in Eastern Ukraine.

Electric power plant bombed and destroyed by Ukrainian military in Nikolaevka, Eastern Ukraine.

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