Krym explained to Kiev what kind of parade they may have…

UKRAINE RUSSIA NAVYCrimean authorities explained to the Defense Minister of Ukraine on what basis he will be able to hold a parade in Crimea (Krym).

Deputy governor of Sevastopol Yevgeniy Dubovik explains: “Ukrainian Defense Minister intentions do not coincide with the plans of the federal city of the Russian Federation for the next thousand years. We’re not going to have any Ukrainian parades but only Russian ships parades, Russian military parades and free Russian citizens of Sevastopol parades.”

The representative of the volunteer community “Frontier” Konstantin Zarudnev was sharper: “They can have a parade here but it will be a gay parade. They will be supposed to wear jackets, thongs and high heels. We won’t let them into the city center though but we will indicate some ground for their parade.”

According to unconfirmed reports regarding the venue, the ground for the Ukrainian Gay Pride parade in Krym has been assigned already to any of the places of compact residence of the Crimean Tatars.

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