Russia may send peacekeepers to Ukraine

Russian PeacekeepersThursday evening, an anonymous source close to the leadership of the Russia’s Foreign Ministry said that Russia does not preclude the option of launching a peacekeeping mission from Russia on the territory of Eastern Ukraine in the next two days.

“There is such a situation … hard situation. Two days ago, Peter Poroshenko (Ukrainian President) was offered to “freeze” the conflict in the Donetsk and Lugansk region for a few months, so that the militias and the Ukrainian army mutually ceased fire, while Russia does not recognize Donetsk or Lugansk Republic. Poroshenko has not adopted this plan and the killing of civilians continues. A peacekeeping operation on the part of Russia is ready; if it takes place, several Russian units will simply encircle the major cities into a ring of protection to ensure the safety of civilians,”- said the source.

“The final decision was not made yet, but the situation is very serious”, – concluded the source.

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