Ukraine plans to weed out Russian books

ukr_nazi_burn_the_books_1832140Ukrainian authorities intend to restrict the import of books from Russia. The members of the parliament, Verkhovna Rada, believe that books adversely affect the immature minds of Ukrainian citizens.

Galina Chernaya, representative from “Freedom” party, declared that there is a need to tighten the restrictions on the book trade and increase import duties on Russian literature at the meeting of the parliament. “We have to erect a barrier against the Russian book, which demolishes our spirituality and exposes us to the destructive Russian world”,- said Chernaya.

Representative Irina Farion has supported the radical views of her colleague. “We demand to impose a high duty on all Russian-language production in Ukraine. Tax the Russian book! Impose a five percent duty. If had my way, I would have imposed a 20 percent blanket duty on everything Russian”,- said Farion.

Irina Farion is known for her radical stance towards the Russian-speaking Ukrainians. In February 2010, she addressed an open letter to President Viktor Yanukovych depicting what she perceived as the threat to the national status of the Ukrainian language. That same year she appeared in the TV headlines after her making anti-Russian statements in a kindergarten was caught on video. Later Farion called on Ukrainians to imprison “all degenerates who do not speak Ukrainian.”

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