A fascist drug addict saboteur detained in Lugansk

ukr_Dmitry_Grischenko-1Lugansk Republic militia detained and taken prisoner an agent of Kiev, whose task was recruiting and training saboteurs and fire coordinators. Accomplice of the Ukrainian Nazi is 38-year-old Dmitry Grishchenko, unfortunately, born in Alchevsk in Lugansk Republic.

When arrested, Grishchenko possessed a member certificate of the radical organization “Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists” (CUN). In addition to incriminating documents militia found drugs, instructions, text of the oath to the Congress and various contact numbers. This is all reported by the information center of the Southeast Front.

By all indications, Dmitry suffers from an illness known as “fascism brain”. This case is impossible to misdiagnose: just look at the stamps covering pages of his passport. You may get an impression that this is one of those “Totenkopf” SS division members visiting Ukraine. It is creatures like him help Kiev in their genocide of the civilian population of South-East.

As is well known, the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists is a gathering of fascist thugs posing as a political party. For members of CUN the defining characteristics are pathological Russofobia and anti-Semitism. They are also well known for their Nazi antics and participation in provocations and riots in several cities of Ukraine. They are currently actively involved in the genocide operations of Kiev in Donbas.


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