Ukraine: international mercenaries rejoice at killing “Russians”


A couple is running away from their bombed house. 2 July 2014, Eastern Ukraine.

A grandson of an Italian fascist, Francesco Falcone came to Ukraine to get revenge for his grandfather. This information appears on the Internet portal “Warfare.”

Italian Francesco Falcone – 53-year-old Italian manager. Arriving in Ukraine, he joined the National Guard to fight the Russian-speaking militia of Donbass in Eastern Ukraine.

The publication also states that his Italian grandfather – Luigi Falcone – fought in the motorized division “Chelero”, and his tank was hit during the Soviet offensive at Middle Don during the World War II.

Since childhood, the grandson wanted to avenge his grandfather and go to war with the Russians. In his youth, he even wanted to go to Afghanistan and fight alongside the Mujahideen. Now his dream came through, he is killing Russians.

As reported in an article, the battalions of “Natsgvardia” have Hungarians, Swedes and Croats, amid representatives of other countries.

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