Ukrainian army uses cluster munition against civilians

Ukrainian army spent the day today mostly bombarding the towns and villages in Eastern Ukraine. They used large caliber artillery and multiple rocket launcher systems to rain destruction on the heads of civilians in several areas of Donetsk and Lugansk Republics.

The people in Artemovsk discovered remains of the rockets that were fired at them. This certainly looks like a 300mm rocket delivered cluster munition that explodes in the air. This picture was taken today:

ukr_Artemovsk_smerch_1The piece of steel is approximately 290mm diameter but it is delivered inside some rocket ammunition, so the projectile is likely to be 300mm caliber. It looks like a cassette with multiple warheads. Many people saw explosions similar to fireworks in the sky last night. Here this cassette exploded in the sky and the spent cassette half stuck into the ground.

Caliber points at nothing else but BM-30 “Smerch”. Wasn’t there something in international conventions that prohibits the use of such cluster munitions? This was fired on civilians, quietly sleeping in their homes at the late hour. Positions of militias remained untouched. Here is what it looks like:

ukr_multiple_rocket_launcher_firingIf there could be any doubt about the origin of the cassette this unexploded warhead definitely clears up all doubts. It is marked 9N235 – a warhead of the BM-30 “Smerch” multiple rocket launcher system:

ukr_Artemovsk_Smerch_cassetteThe Ukrainian army is really trying to erase the population of the Eastern Ukraine, no matter if militia or civil. This is genocide, open and unashamed, using unconventional weapons to wipe out a large part of their own folk. The results are predictable:


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